Fear Of Syrians

ScreenHunter_167 Sep. 03 17.52

Twitter / SteveSGoddard: @SenJohnMcCain Are you concerned …

I’ve lived in Sedona, Cornville and Clarkdale, Az and don’t remember any suspicious Syrian activity. Things may have changed.

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3 Responses to Fear Of Syrians

  1. wizzum says:

    It’s not like it was anything important, like committing an ACT OF WAR….%^&#$%stain

  2. Showing he has a sense of humor–and little else. He’s made up his mind, so he might as well play, he thinks. Anyone else noticed how quickly our “leaders” make up their minds on critical issues, under Obama–and never caring what most of us think? We’re being driven, by the elites on both sides of the aisle. They consider themselves the ruling class, evidently.

  3. gator69 says:

    What incredible arrogance.

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