Iowa Used To Be Much Hotter

When CO2 was below 350 PPM, 100ºF temperatures in Iowa were very common. Now they are quite rare – with only three recorded this summer at all long term HCN stations. Ninety-six percent of all 100ºF readings occurred when CO2 was below 350 PPM.

In 1936, Iowa recorded 466  100ºF temperature readings.

ScreenHunter_105 Sep. 02 18.21

Index of /pub/data/ghcn/daily/hcn/

NOAA and NASA have erased the 1930s heat from their published temperature graphs. I hope they are getting paid well to destroy American history.

ALBIA 3 NNE                        	 IA	 USC00130112
ALGONA 3 W                         	 IA	 USC00130133
BELLE PLAINE                       	 IA	 USC00130600
CHARLES CITY                       	 IA	 USC00131402
CLARINDA                           	 IA	 USC00131533
CLINTON #1                         	 IA	 USC00131635
ESTHERVILLE 4E                     	 IA	 USC00132724
FAIRFIELD                          	 IA	 USC00132789
FAYETTE                            	 IA	 USC00132864
FOREST CITY 2 NNE                  	 IA	 USC00132977
FT DODGE 5NNW                      	 IA	 USC00132999
INDIANOLA 2W                       	 IA	 USC00134063
IOWA FALLS                         	 IA	 USC00134142
LE MARS                            	 IA	 USC00134735
LOGAN                              	 IA	 USC00134894
MT AYR                             	 IA	 USC00135769
MT PLEASANT 1 SSW                  	 IA	 USC00135796
NEW HAMPTON                        	 IA	 USC00135952
ROCK RAPIDS                        	 IA	 USC00137147
ROCKWELL CITY                      	 IA	 USC00137161
STORM LAKE 2 E                     	 IA	 USC00137979
TOLEDO 3N                          	 IA	 USC00138296
WASHINGTON                         	 IA	 USC00138688

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