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Killing Two Birds With One Stone

If Obama can just get the US and Russia to detonate a few dozen thermonuclear devices, he can solve those twin nasty problems of chemical weapons and global warming.

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Why The Long Face, John?

‘Pandora’s Box’: Kerry, Hagel Claim Inaction on Syria ‘Dangerous’ to US Kerry started his political career by telling Congress that America has no business meddling in foreign civil wars.

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Editorial : Why We Need To Bomb Syria Immediately

If we don’t bomb Syria this week, next week Syrians will be wheeling heavy artillery all over Beverly Hills.

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Ten Percent Of Americans Need Someone From The UK Or France To Tell Them What To Do

Post-ABC poll: Syria – The Washington Post

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US Auto Accidents Have Claimed As Many Lives As The Syria Conflict

It is claimed that over the last three years, 100,000 people have died in the Syrian civil war. That is almost identical to the number of people who have died in the US in auto accidents during that same time … Continue reading

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And The Biggest Loser Is …… The UK Met Office

Lots of really bad Arctic sea ice forecasts this year, but the Met Office really stunk the place up. Current extent is 5.2 million km². September Sea Ice Outlook: June Report | ARCUS

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McCain Has Difficulty Distinguishing Sunday School Attendees From Suicide Bombers

McCain: Shouting ‘Allahu Akhbar!’ Same as Christians Shouting ‘Thank God!’

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James Hansen : Celebrating 25 Years Of Official Incompetence

FEROCIOUS STORMS AND DROUGHT SEEN By PHILIP SHABECOFF, Special to the New York Times Published: December 07, 1988 A warming of the planet resulting from pollution of the atmosphere will make drought much more frequent and storms much fiercer, new … Continue reading

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Remind Me Again Why Two People In This Video Haven’t Been Prosecuted For Conspiracy?

Blatant, amateurish conspiracy.

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Oh It’s A Lovely War

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