President Officially Announces That Your Opinion Is Irrelevant

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President Obama announced from the White House today that Americans are stupid – and that now that the election is over he doesn’t actually care what they think about anything.

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U.S. GENERAL: Obama plans ‘more substantial intervention’ than vowed…


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6 Responses to President Officially Announces That Your Opinion Is Irrelevant

  1. Hugh K says:

    “They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back.”

  2. Big M says:

    I wish to fuck that people would stop referring to this slimy, fascist corporate criminal plant as “president.”

    What I REALLY wish is that people would stop being stupid fools and voting, considering that the entire system is a third-world, banana republic sham.

  3. ray a cogo says:

    … Conspiracy theories come and go…however free trade capitalism under the UN and GATT survives…inflates …expands and evolves .
    Free trade capitalism under the UN and GATT is a permanent revolution of creative destruction. New innovation new technologies new products new markets and war revolution and terror remove impediments and implements free trade agreements most necessary for capital to flow.
    Everyone of us knowing or unknowing…willingly or unwillingly…knowingly willing…or unwillingly knowing are in some way shape or form involved in free trade capitalism.
    This is reality folks!!!
    Free trade Capitalism under the UN and GATT is by a collective investment by the wealth of all nations.
    And Governments are in business to collect and protect its obligations to its capital investor’s interest GLOBALLY…. and COLLECTIVELY!!!!
    …Economic trends and earnings are pre-determined economically, and facilitated politically by two falsely created opposition groups in “constant conflict”
    The purpose of philosophical ideological religious and political constant conflict.. is it mirrors the economic competition.,while hiding the markets transformation.
    Economically its called hiding a share of the market-share.
    How? identifying…then leading the market ..while hiding economic transformation.
    how? falsely create opposition supported by front groups and validated by academia and media.
    Falsely created opposition is created by fear…. fear is the basis of deception… usually people are fearful of something they don’t understand like current reality…and then leaving the false spectrum of right and left conspiracy theories and fall into another conspiracy theory. Another perception of reality filled with many factual lies that make it believable: usually the third party and those left and right extremes on a false premise as an ideology.

    The market has now been identified…lead by empowering opposition/competition after all in order to invest properly you have to know where all the fools are.

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