(RPEMC) Rapid Pre-Emptive Mission Creep

ScreenHunter_156 Sep. 03 16.00

In just five days, Obama has gone from a quick two days of in and out precision air strikes, to preparations for WWIII.

Secretary of State John F. Kerry refused Tuesday to rule out putting U.S. troops on the ground in Syria, saying the president needs to retain the ability to send in forces in very select circumstances as the Obama administration officially began to make its case for retaliatory military strikes on the Assad regime.

Kerry refuses to rule out U.S. ground troops in Syria, then backtracks – Washington Times

Next week they will announce a draft, and start passing out potassium iodide pills. The most important thing to remember is that the citizenry has no say in what the politburo chooses to do. They ceded that by re-electing a dictator.


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5 Responses to (RPEMC) Rapid Pre-Emptive Mission Creep

  1. gofer says:

    Whatever the decision of this Administration is, then take the opposite approach. Have they ever been right on anything? You would think Egypt would have taught them a lesson. It’s now all about ego.

  2. redc1c4 says:

    you should photo-shop the graphic to read “In-n-Out Urge”, as so many used to do here in SoCal back before they re-designed their bumper stickers to stop the practice.

    it would be most appropriate here.;

  3. Edmonon Al says:

    I am a Canadian, and do not have any US political stipe. [well… conservative for sure]
    But I can say that IMHO Barry Obama is without a doubt the worst and most dishonest POTUS
    that I can remember. Does he know anything about anything???
    I thought that he would be gone after one term. But no, the turnips elected him again.
    If the USA doesn’t get a strong, knowledgible leader, soon, then the country is doomed.
    AND, Canada will go down with the US.

    • This is the very best chance Republicans have to defeat Obama’s agenda–so voting against him should be a no-brainer for them. Force him to actually show some character and do what he said he would do: Go it alone. I will repeat that, because I believe Republicans should focus on that: Make Obama go it alone, as he said he would do (and as he acted, up until it was time to actually put up or shut up; then suddenly, he wanted everybody to play nice together, and go all in with him).

  4. Bob Greene says:

    I’ve watched and listened to the wise men discuss this. The administration’s “plan” is sheer jibberish and is unbelievably incompetent. It’s hard to believe these clowns are that incompetent. Dear Leader says he has the right to strike without congressional approval. I’m beginning to believe that not even Dear Leader can be that incompetent. Suppose he wants the Congress to refuse permission, so he can play that for all it’s worth and not have to do anything.

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