What A Foreign Invasion Of The US Would Look Like

ScreenHunter_152 Sep. 03 14.51

Traitorous politicians desperately want to take our rifles away, but they haven’t succeeded yet.


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6 Responses to What A Foreign Invasion Of The US Would Look Like

  1. phodges says:

    oooh. looks like an ASI mini

  2. scizzorbill says:

    The confiscation of firearms is one of the cornerstones of the Communist Manifesto. The Marxist in the White House, and his legions of useful idiots will do anything to achieve their goal. Expect the assaulters on the 2nd amendment to increase the pressure, as this is the final push to fundamentally transform America.

  3. Wyguy says:

    The admiral was correct, let’s keep it that way.

  4. phodges says:

    The unfortunate problem is that today, our own police and military are the occupiers.

    The entire government has been subverted.

  5. Edmonon Al says:

    Isn’t every male [female?] in Switzerland required to take military training, and own a rifle?
    Or am I out of date?

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