No Correlation Between US Drought And CO2

The graph below plots the US PMDI drought index vs. atmospheric CO2. Drought is represented by negative numbers, so there has actually been a slight decrease in drought as CO2 has increased.

ScreenHunter_252 Sep. 05 12.26

Scientists who claim a correlation between CO2 and drought are either incompetent, dishonest or both.

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27 Responses to No Correlation Between US Drought And CO2

  1. tom0mason says:

    This perfectly shows how CO2 has nothing to do with weather – extreme or not.

    • Crock Hunter says:

      I suppose if you’re ignorant of the facts it does.. ..

      • I see that you have graduated from your Obama climate training course, and have at your disposal several copy and paste phrases to post randomly.

        • Crock Hunter says:

          Please… I was aware of the actual science behind Climate Change before you were told to hate Al Gore… Everything you post concerning AGW is a distortion of reality.. a misrepresentation of data and/or research… if you were to ever come to value facts that could be easily demonstrated.. . and your kind do not and likely never will.. the money in maintaining the denialist lie is too compelling..

        • Is the graph too complicated for your simple mind?

          I confess, I make $0.00 per year for doing this.

      • John B., M.D. says:

        Crock – Do you see a trend in droughts or floods here?

        Clearly, natural cycles/variability dominate any possible component due to CO2.

  2. Don B says:

    Climatologist Evelyn Browning Gariss shows how water levels in the Great Lakes dropped when the PDO changed to its cool phase:

    Click to access 2013_08_13_OTB.pdf

  3. Crock Hunter says:

    “Is the graph too complicated for your simple mind?”

    It’s called “Global Warming” .. Climate Change is a world wide phenomena.. .
    I suppose another misunderstanding on your part much like your “Weather = Climate” embarrassment.. ..

    • orson2 says:

      It’s called “Global Warming” – as if to label something is to understand it???

    • Hugh K says:

      You sure you want to open the “embarrassment” door?
      Other than you, who really cares what you label your obsession with fairy tales? The rest of us discovered a long time ago that your team simply changes its name when the climate doesn’t cooperate in promoting your latest deception.
      Meanwhile, your behavior on this site deceives none. It is equivalent to showing up uninvited at a neighbor’s home and immediately insulting the residents…..that’s STILL called annoying.
      BTW — If after 15+ years of global cooling you still believe in catastrophic anthropogenic global warming, you can stop hunting a crock…you’re knee deep in it.

    • A denier!?!?!?!?! says:

      Strangely weather is the short term variation which is manifested in the long term climate. The reason the exceptionally intelligent AGW crowd told us that weather is not climate is because it is impossible to model the short term variations but average it out and stick a curve fit on the data and it looks like you can model the climate, except, oops the fit failed to predict forward.

  4. Crock Hunter says:

    Hurry.. ban me before I allow more reality to enter your protected compound.. .. ..

    IF there is a single one of you deniers that can carry on a discussion without crying for a wet-nurse .. look me up…

  5. Pathway says:

    I always love it when marxist say” you and your kind.” You know they would really like to put anyone who disagrees with them in a concentration camp.

  6. Phil Jones says:

    This site is great… Hoaxers have no response but to rip the source and deny, deny, deny… Plus the source is… Their data…

    • Crock Hunter says:

      “Plus the source is… Their data…” Distorted….

      You left out Distorted… . Just saying

      • David says:

        Please tell me what is distorted about it. BTW, globally their has not been an increase in droughts either. If I am wrong, please show me your database.

        • Crock Hunter says:

          After a link that lead me to an article on this “Real Science” blog (incredibly ironic name btw) I read through a dozen or so of the OP articles.. enough to see that this was yet another armchair denialist site. (this is when it’s not a right-wing nutjob site) .. .. In that you carry water for the site’s owners it is completely unlikely that you as the others, actually value facts..and as such ..discussing the real details of Climate Change is futile.. instead this site’s followers are simply seeking confirmation for their bias.. to that end you’ll find no shortage of mutual admiration and back slapping here..


        • I’m not printing your crap. If you want to raise a specific objection to something I have printed feel free. Mindless ad hom attacks are not acceptable.

  7. Steve Case says:

    It’s easy to us the NOAA Climate at a Glance website:
    You can easily generate precipitation data for any time span and area in the USA-48 and see for yourself that in general precipitation has increased over the last century.

    • Crock Hunter says:

      If only there was a way to plot the trend in Global Temperature over the last century… .. but I suspect such a chart wouldn’t be useful to you as it would invariably show a warming trend.. Can’t have that now can we?

      • Dr. Killpatient says:

        You’re clearly having a difficult time with the very real prospect losing this entire argument.

        • Crock Hunter says:

          [snip. Unless you have a specific objection to something I have written, your Joe McCarthy tactics are not going to printed here.]

  8. Crock Hunter says:

    I object to your distortions..

    Judging from your reactions to someone outside your society.. I gather censorship is your most effective weapon… lesser individuals do such when they find their position weak..

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