Shock News : NOAA Lied About Arctic Ice

ScreenHunter_239 Sep. 05 07.32

NOAA warns Arctic ice is melting has reached new ‘striking’ record | The Raw Story

The 2013 record is a record gain in ice, not a record loss of ice.

ScreenHunter_83 Sep. 02 09.58


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6 Responses to Shock News : NOAA Lied About Arctic Ice

  1. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    Meanwhile, the boys are back in Vancouver, making themselves out as modern heroes and doing the local news circuit.

    So they left their boat to rot in Cambridge Bay and are desperately trying to monetize their poorly planned misadventure.

    Such wonderfully modern environmentalists. I can smell their morally superior shit from here.

  2. Karmakaze says:

    Nice try, but your lies are too obvious.

    That graph is of anomalies, not ice area. In other words it is the change from some defined average, not the change in overall ice area. If the area of the icea had been shrinking year after year by huge amounts, one year of growth that doesn’t even replace all the area lost in previous years does not mean that the area is itself greater than previous years. It just means some of the losses have been regained.

    Look closely and you will see that the amount gained in 2013, is not even as much as the amount lost in the period 2007-2012. Therefore overall ice area must be lower than before 2007.

    You’re a liar or a fool, and only fools would believe you.

  3. Bob722 says:

    Maybe somebody should explain to the lad Karmakaze that a large portion of the Arctic Sea Ice melts every summer, (not all of it of course) and then it magically refreezes every winter. The amount of ice lost in the summer is therefore fully renewed every in full, every winter…..The cumulative total ice loss is near zero at it’s maximum extent….

  4. Aurora Svant says:

    So, harsh cold arctic summer is now a new record of ice melt therefore a confimation of global warming ?
    Only one explanation to such a nonsense :
    The stupid, it burns.

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