You Can’t Run A Business Based On Lies

A company which tried to function based on sales of junk products would go out of business in a very short amount of time. But government has the advantage that they can steal as much money as they want, and that they have armed thugs to back them up. Thus they can run on lies for an indefinite period of time, until the whole economy collapses. The Soviet Union was able to do this for many decades.

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12 Responses to You Can’t Run A Business Based On Lies

  1. kbray in california says:

    “I swear I’ll meet you in the middle of the desert with that water you’ll need to finish your trip…
    I promise I’ll be there… trust me !”

    Liars will kill your business, your project, your country, and you too.

  2. Sadly, surviving the collapse may be our only chance for a return to sanity, reason, respect for individual rights, and true capitalism.

  3. @njsnowfan says:

    Talking about lies, look are lying to the public. This article shows the truth on how many birds and bats killed each year, 13 to 39 million birds and bats killed yearly from wind turbines is sickening.
    Green in new red.

  4. Richard T. Fowler says:

    You are correct, Steven!

  5. jack b :-) says:

    Oh yeah? Then explain the success of the DNC! Oh wait, it’s a Borg cult.


  6. phodges says:

    Apparently you have never heard of Microsoft!

  7. Harry Johnson says:

    This article is not true. It is even a point of law that you cannot believe what salestrash tell you. There is a valid legal defense, termed the “sales puffery” defense from misrepresentation that says that a salesman told you something you can assume it is a lie. Essentially that any business employing salestrash runs on lies. Virtually all of wall street has run on lies for 30 years or more. So your statement that a business cannot prosper based on lies is in itself a lie.

    • Well, Steve may have overgeneralized on this one. But, generally speaking, his statement is true. Of course there are some lines of business where it’s easier to get away with lying for profit, and some others where it’s virtually impossible. But as a general rule, a for-profit business that develops a reputation of being full of nothing but bald-faced lies goes down, unless it’s protected either by government or other form of organized crime.

      Regarding the legal point you made, I believe that only applies to cases where there’s a written sales contract (could be just words on a receipt or payment authorization form), in which case the written contract supersedes the oral one that comprises the words spoken by sales rep and buyer prior to the purchase. If there is no written contract, then the oral one counts in court, and if the buyer can convince the court that the seller lied orally and that money was paid out based on the lie, then the buyer can win their claim.


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