Shock News : White House Is Making Fake Data To Push A War Agenda

Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., who is aggressively lobbying against a military strike on Syria, says the Obama administration has manipulated intelligence to push its case for U.S. involvement in the country’s two-year civil war.

Grayson made the accusation in an interview published Wednesday by The Atlantic and offered more detail in a Thursday discussion with U.S. News. He says members of Congress are being given intelligence briefings without any evidence to support administration claims that Syrian leader Bashar Assad ordered the use of chemical weapons.

Rep. Alan Grayson: Syria Intelligence Manipulated – Washington Whispers (

In other news, Obama has also cited John Cook’s fake 97% global warming data. I know a little bit about the history of that study, and would not be surprised if it was contracted out by the US government.

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16 Responses to Shock News : White House Is Making Fake Data To Push A War Agenda

  1. EW3 says:

    The Dems like to say this is better intel then before GWII.
    Problem is most Dems thought Iraq had WMD. There are tons of quotes by Kerry, Clinton and the rest of the cast of clowns about Iraq having WMD.

    • nomoregore says:

      I believe one of Sadam’s defecting underlings claimed on Hannity that the WMD were sent to Syria.

      • David says:

        Much more then that. Satelite photos and othe evedince strongly supports this. Also the infastructure for WMD programS was found. Beyond that, docuentable verifiable records demonstrate that Saddam murdered, with WMDs, over 50,000 of his own people, was in continues violation of 17 UN resolutions, had invaded his neigbors multiplle times, desired to unite the Arab world in a Caliphite, had supported, protected, and sponsored trrorist that assulted the US, and had plans to invade the Saudi oil field, and Bush had something like 30 plus nations in on the invasion, other then that the situation is identical.

        it is deep hypocrisiy for anyone to have been against that war, but supportive of this one. Obama lies continuesly. He lied about no boots on the ground. Their is very much danger of conflation in Syria. neiither Russia or China want Assad gone. This inane proposal is a litmus test for sanity.

  2. minarchist says:

    Is James Hansen providing data to the Defense Department too?

  3. nomoregore says:

    Love the fact that Grayson, a flaming Progressive, is going after the Man-child.

  4. SMS says:

    Alan Grayson? You are quoting Alan Grayson!!! There is no bigger fraud in Congress than this goof ball. He rates right up there with Anthony “bite my” Weiner.

  5. Chewer says:

    Shock news indeed!
    The Russians are asking why we can’t compare notes with their 100 page report that proves the rebels unloaded the gas.
    Could it possibly be that this current administration are lying, worthless pieces of progressive shit paper?

  6. Gamecock says:

    After a year, they tell us they don’t know what happened at Bengahzi. But they know what’s going on in Syria. Sure.

  7. There is no need to speculate about conspiracies when it’s sufficient to appeal to stupidity.

    • David says:

      The evidence is overwhelming. It is not speculation that this administration made up what everyone in the world KNOWS is a LIE about Bengazi. The president of the US supported this fabrication about a utube inspired riot. He knew it was not true.

      It is not speculation that his Middle east actions regularly support the Muslim Brotherhood. It is not speculation that one of his top administrators called the violent Jihadihst group, “largely secular” it is not speculation that they lied about the Fort Hood bomber, or that his admin gave the MB front row seats at his talk in Egypt. I could go on and on, and on. Never assign to stupidity, what is clearly malice. The man, like his wife, was never proud of this nation, and is fundementaly changing it.. he spent over twenty years in a racist church where hate was taught.

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