Spectacular Lies Are The New Normal In Climate Science

Global Warming Has Increased Risk of Record Heat

Sep. 5, 2013 β€” Researchers calculate that intense heat like that in the summer of 2012 is up to four times more likely to occur now than in pre-industrial America, when there was much less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Global warming has increased risk of record heat

Baseless nonsense. The summer of 2012 didn’t even rank in the top ten for daily record maximums. The summer of 1936 had more than five times as many record daily maximums as summer 2012.

ScreenHunter_266 Sep. 05 23.00

The summer of 1936 had almost three times as many 100 degree readings as the summer of 2012,

ScreenHunter_268 Sep. 05 23.31

Compared to many other years, the summer of 2012 was not a particularly hot summer – prior to data tampering by NOAA. These people have absolutely no shame with their fraud any more.

BREWTON 3 SSE                      	 AL	 USC00011084
FAIRHOPE 2 NE                      	 AL	 USC00012813
GREENSBORO                         	 AL	 USC00013511
HIGHLAND HOME                      	 AL	 USC00013816
SAINT BERNARD                      	 AL	 USC00017157
SCOTTSBORO                         	 AL	 USC00017304
SELMA                              	 AL	 USC00017366
TALLADEGA                          	 AL	 USC00018024
THOMASVILLE                        	 AL	 USC00018178
TROY                               	 AL	 USC00018323
UNION SPRINGS 9 S                  	 AL	 USC00018438
VALLEY HEAD                        	 AL	 USC00018469
AJO                                	 AZ	 USC00020080
FT VALLEY                          	 AZ	 USC00023160
LEES FERRY                         	 AZ	 USC00024849
MIAMI                              	 AZ	 USC00025512
PARKER                             	 AZ	 USC00026250
PEARCE - SUNSITES                  	 AZ	 USC00026353
PRESCOTT                           	 AZ	 USC00026796
ROOSEVELT 1 WNW                    	 AZ	 USC00027281
SACATON                            	 AZ	 USC00027370
SAINT JOHNS                        	 AZ	 USC00027435
SELIGMAN                           	 AZ	 USC00027716
TOMBSTONE                          	 AZ	 USC00028619
WHITERIVER 1 SW                    	 AZ	 USC00029271
WICKENBURG                         	 AZ	 USC00029287
WILLIAMS                           	 AZ	 USC00029359
BRINKLEY                           	 AR	 USC00030936
CONWAY                             	 AR	 USC00031596
CORNING                            	 AR	 USC00031632
EUREKA SPRINGS 3 WNW               	 AR	 USC00032356
FAYETTEVILLE EXP STN               	 AR	 USC00032444
GRAVETTE                           	 AR	 USC00032930
MAMMOTH SPRING                     	 AR	 USC00034572
MENA                               	 AR	 USC00034756
NEWPORT                            	 AR	 USC00035186
PINE BLUFF                         	 AR	 USC00035754
POCAHONTAS 1                       	 AR	 USC00035820
PRESCOTT 2 NNW                     	 AR	 USC00035908
SUBIACO                            	 AR	 USC00036928
BERKELEY                           	 CA	 USC00040693
BLYTHE                             	 CA	 USC00040924
CEDARVILLE                         	 CA	 USC00041614
CHICO UNIV FARM                    	 CA	 USC00041715
CHULA VISTA                        	 CA	 USC00041758
COLFAX                             	 CA	 USC00041912
CUYAMACA                           	 CA	 USC00042239
DAVIS 2 WSW EXP FARM               	 CA	 USC00042294
FAIRMONT                           	 CA	 USC00042941
FT BRAGG 5 N                       	 CA	 USC00043161
HANFORD 1 S                        	 CA	 USC00043747
HAPPY CAMP RS                      	 CA	 USC00043761
HEALDSBURG                         	 CA	 USC00043875
INDEPENDENCE                       	 CA	 USC00044232
INDIO FIRE STN                     	 CA	 USC00044259
LEMON COVE                         	 CA	 USC00044890
LIVERMORE                          	 CA	 USC00044997
LODI                               	 CA	 USC00045032
MERCED                             	 CA	 USC00045532
NAPA STATE HOSPITAL                	 CA	 USC00046074
NEWPORT BEACH HARBOR               	 CA	 USC00046175
OJAI                               	 CA	 USC00046399
ORLAND                             	 CA	 USC00046506
ORLEANS                            	 CA	 USC00046508
PASADENA                           	 CA	 USC00046719
PASO ROBLES                        	 CA	 USC00046730
PETALUMA AIRPORT                   	 CA	 USC00046826
QUINCY                             	 CA	 USC00047195
REDLANDS                           	 CA	 USC00047306
SAN LUIS OBISPO POLY U             	 CA	 USC00047851
SANTA BARBARA                      	 CA	 USC00047902
SANTA CRUZ                         	 CA	 USC00047916
SANTA ROSA                         	 CA	 USC00047965
SUSANVILLE 2SW                     	 CA	 USC00048702
TAHOE CITY                         	 CA	 USC00048758
TEJON RANCHO                       	 CA	 USC00048839
UKIAH                              	 CA	 USC00049122
WASCO                              	 CA	 USC00049452
WEAVERVILLE                        	 CA	 USC00049490
WILLOWS 6 W                        	 CA	 USC00049699
YOSEMITE PARK HQ                   	 CA	 USC00049855
YREKA                              	 CA	 USC00049866
BOULDER                            	 CO	 USC00050848
CANON CITY                         	 CO	 USC00051294
CHEESMAN                           	 CO	 USC00051528
CHEYENNE WELLS                     	 CO	 USC00051564
DEL NORTE 2E                       	 CO	 USC00052184
DILLON 1 E                         	 CO	 USC00052281
EADS                               	 CO	 USC00052446
FT COLLINS                         	 CO	 USC00053005
FT MORGAN                          	 CO	 USC00053038
FRUITA                             	 CO	 USC00053146
GUNNISON 3SW                       	 CO	 USC00053662
HERMIT 7 ESE                       	 CO	 USC00053951
LAMAR                              	 CO	 USC00054770
LAS ANIMAS                         	 CO	 USC00054834
MANASSA                            	 CO	 USC00055322
MONTROSE #2                        	 CO	 USC00055722
ROCKY FORD 2 SE                    	 CO	 USC00057167
STEAMBOAT SPRINGS                  	 CO	 USC00057936
TELLURIDE 4WNW                     	 CO	 USC00058204
TRINIDAD                           	 CO	 USC00058429
WRAY                               	 CO	 USC00059243
FALLS VILLAGE                      	 CT	 USC00062658
STORRS                             	 CT	 USC00068138
DOVER                              	 DE	 USC00072730
ARCADIA                            	 FL	 USC00080228
BARTOW                             	 FL	 USC00080478
EVERGLADES                         	 FL	 USC00082850
FEDERAL POINT                      	 FL	 USC00082915
FERNANDINA BEACH                   	 FL	 USC00082944
FT LAUDERDALE                      	 FL	 USC00083163
FT PIERCE                          	 FL	 USC00083207
INVERNESS 3 SE                     	 FL	 USC00084289
LAKE CITY 2 E                      	 FL	 USC00084731
MADISON                            	 FL	 USC00085275
OCALA                              	 FL	 USC00086414
SAINT LEO                          	 FL	 USC00087851
TARPON SPGS SEWAGE PL              	 FL	 USC00088824
TITUSVILLE                         	 FL	 USC00088942
ALBANY 3 SE                        	 GA	 USC00090140
BRUNSWICK                          	 GA	 USC00091340
CAMILLA 3SE                        	 GA	 USC00091500
COVINGTON                          	 GA	 USC00092318
EASTMAN 1 W                        	 GA	 USC00092966
GAINESVILLE                        	 GA	 USC00093621
GLENNVILLE 3NW                     	 GA	 USC00093754
HAWKINSVILLE                       	 GA	 USC00094170
MILLEDGEVILLE                      	 GA	 USC00095874
NEWNAN 5N                          	 GA	 USC00096335
TALBOTTON                          	 GA	 USC00098535
TIFTON                             	 GA	 USC00098703
TOCCOA                             	 GA	 USC00098740
WARRENTON                          	 GA	 USC00099141
WASHINGTON 2 ESE                   	 GA	 USC00099157
WAYCROSS 4 NE                      	 GA	 USC00099186
WEST POINT                         	 GA	 USC00099291
ABERDEEN EXP STN                   	 ID	 USC00100010
ARROWROCK DAM                      	 ID	 USC00100448
ASHTON 1N                          	 ID	 USC00100470
CAMBRIDGE                          	 ID	 USC00101408
COEUR D'ALENE                      	 ID	 USC00101956
GLENNS FERRY                       	 ID	 USC00103631
GRACE                              	 ID	 USC00103732
HAZELTON                           	 ID	 USC00104140
HOLLISTER                          	 ID	 USC00104295
JEROME                             	 ID	 USC00104670
KELLOGG                            	 ID	 USC00104831
LIFTON PUMPING STN                 	 ID	 USC00105275
MACKAY LOST RIVER RS               	 ID	 USC00105462
MOSCOW U OF I                      	 ID	 USC00106152
NEW MEADOWS RS                     	 ID	 USC00106388
OAKLEY                             	 ID	 USC00106542
PAYETTE                            	 ID	 USC00106891
PORTHILL                           	 ID	 USC00107264
PRIEST RIVER EXP STN               	 ID	 USC00107386
SANDPOINT EXP STN                  	 ID	 USC00108137
ALEDO                              	 IL	 USC00110072
ANNA 2 NNE                         	 IL	 USC00110187
AURORA                             	 IL	 USC00110338
CARLINVILLE                        	 IL	 USC00111280
CHARLESTON                         	 IL	 USC00111436
DANVILLE                           	 IL	 USC00112140
DECATUR WTP                        	 IL	 USC00112193
DIXON 1 NW                         	 IL	 USC00112348
DU QUOIN 4 SE                      	 IL	 USC00112483
GALVA                              	 IL	 USC00113335
HARRISBURG                         	 IL	 USC00113879
HILLSBORO                          	 IL	 USC00114108
HOOPESTON                          	 IL	 USC00114198
JACKSONVILLE 2E                    	 IL	 USC00114442
LA HARPE                           	 IL	 USC00114823
LINCOLN                            	 IL	 USC00115079
MARENGO                            	 IL	 USC00115326
MINONK                             	 IL	 USC00115712
MONMOUTH                           	 IL	 USC00115768
MORRISON                           	 IL	 USC00115833
MT CARROLL                         	 IL	 USC00115901
MT VERNON 3 NE                     	 IL	 USC00115943
OLNEY 2S                           	 IL	 USC00116446
OTTAWA 5SW                         	 IL	 USC00116526
PALESTINE                          	 IL	 USC00116558
PANA                               	 IL	 USC00116579
PARIS STP                          	 IL	 USC00116610
PONTIAC                            	 IL	 USC00116910
RUSHVILLE 4NE                      	 IL	 USC00117551
SPARTA 1 W                         	 IL	 USC00118147
URBANA                             	 IL	 USC00118740
WALNUT                             	 IL	 USC00118916
WHITE HALL 1 E                     	 IL	 USC00119241
WINDSOR                            	 IL	 USC00119354
ANDERSON SEWAGE PLT                	 IN	 USC00120177
ANGOLA                             	 IN	 USC00120200
BERNE WWTP                         	 IN	 USC00120676
BLOOMINGTON IN UNIV                	 IN	 USC00120784
BROOKVILLE                         	 IN	 USC00121030
COLUMBUS                           	 IN	 USC00121747
GOSHEN 3SW                         	 IN	 USC00123418
GREENCASTLE 1 W                    	 IN	 USC00123513
GREENFIELD                         	 IN	 USC00123527
LAPORTE                            	 IN	 USC00124837
MADISON SEWAGE PLT                 	 IN	 USC00125237
MARION 2 N                         	 IN	 USC00125337
MT VERNON                          	 IN	 USC00126001
OOLITIC PURDUE EX FRM              	 IN	 USC00126580
PAOLI                              	 IN	 USC00126705
PRINCETON 1 W                      	 IN	 USC00127125
ROCHESTER                          	 IN	 USC00127482
ROCKVILLE                          	 IN	 USC00127522
RUSHVILLE                          	 IN	 USC00127646
SALEM                              	 IN	 USC00127755
SEYMOUR 2 N                        	 IN	 USC00127935
SHOALS 8 S                         	 IN	 USC00128036
WASHINGTON 1 W                     	 IN	 USC00129253
WHITESTOWN                         	 IN	 USC00129557
WINAMAC 2SSE                       	 IN	 USC00129670
ALBIA 3 NNE                        	 IA	 USC00130112
ALGONA 3 W                         	 IA	 USC00130133
BELLE PLAINE                       	 IA	 USC00130600
CHARLES CITY                       	 IA	 USC00131402
CLARINDA                           	 IA	 USC00131533
CLINTON #1                         	 IA	 USC00131635
ESTHERVILLE 4E                     	 IA	 USC00132724
FAIRFIELD                          	 IA	 USC00132789
FAYETTE                            	 IA	 USC00132864
FOREST CITY 2 NNE                  	 IA	 USC00132977
FT DODGE 5NNW                      	 IA	 USC00132999
INDIANOLA 2W                       	 IA	 USC00134063
IOWA FALLS                         	 IA	 USC00134142
LE MARS                            	 IA	 USC00134735
LOGAN                              	 IA	 USC00134894
MT AYR                             	 IA	 USC00135769
MT PLEASANT 1 SSW                  	 IA	 USC00135796
NEW HAMPTON                        	 IA	 USC00135952
ROCK RAPIDS                        	 IA	 USC00137147
ROCKWELL CITY                      	 IA	 USC00137161
STORM LAKE 2 E                     	 IA	 USC00137979
TOLEDO 3N                          	 IA	 USC00138296
WASHINGTON                         	 IA	 USC00138688
ASHLAND                            	 KS	 USC00140365
ATCHISON                           	 KS	 USC00140405
COLDWATER                          	 KS	 USC00141704
COLUMBUS                           	 KS	 USC00141740
EL DORADO                          	 KS	 USC00142401
ELLSWORTH                          	 KS	 USC00142459
FT SCOTT                           	 KS	 USC00142835
HAYS 1 S                           	 KS	 USC00143527
HORTON                             	 KS	 USC00143810
INDEPENDENCE                       	 KS	 USC00143954
LAKIN                              	 KS	 USC00144464
LAWRENCE                           	 KS	 USC00144559
LIBERAL                            	 KS	 USC00144695
MANHATTAN                          	 KS	 USC00144972
MCPHERSON                          	 KS	 USC00145152
MINNEAPOLIS                        	 KS	 USC00145363
NORTON 9SSE                        	 KS	 USC00145856
OBERLIN                            	 KS	 USC00145906
OTTAWA                             	 KS	 USC00146128
SAINT FRANCIS                      	 KS	 USC00147093
SCOTT CITY                         	 KS	 USC00147271
SEDAN                              	 KS	 USC00147305
SMITH CTR                          	 KS	 USC00147542
WAKEENEY                           	 KS	 USC00148495
ASHLAND                            	 KY	 USC00150254
BEREA COLLEGE                      	 KY	 USC00150619
CAVE RUN  LAKE                     	 KY	 USC00152791
FRANKFORT DOWNTOWN                 	 KY	 USC00153028
GREENSBURG                         	 KY	 USC00153430
HENDERSON 8 SSW                    	 KY	 USC00153762
HOPKINSVILLE                       	 KY	 USC00153994
LEITCHFIELD 2 N                    	 KY	 USC00154703
ALEXANDRIA                         	 LA	 USC00160098
BASTROP                            	 LA	 USC00160537
CALHOUN RSCH STN                   	 LA	 USC00161411
DONALDSONVILLE 4 SW                	 LA	 USC00162534
FRANKLIN 3 NW                      	 LA	 USC00163313
GRAND COTEAU                       	 LA	 USC00163800
HOUMA                              	 LA	 USC00164407
JENNINGS                           	 LA	 USC00164700
ST JOSEPH 3 N                      	 LA	 USC00168163
THIBODAUX 4 SE                     	 LA	 USC00169013
WINNSBORO 5 SSE                    	 LA	 USC00169806
BRASSUA DAM                        	 ME	 USC00170814
EASTPORT                           	 ME	 USC00172426
FARMINGTON                         	 ME	 USC00172765
GARDINER                           	 ME	 USC00173046
PRESQUE ISLE                       	 ME	 USC00176937
WOODLAND                           	 ME	 USC00179891
LAUREL 3 W                         	 MD	 USC00185111
OAKLAND 1 SE                       	 MD	 USC00186620
PRINCESS ANNE                      	 MD	 USC00187330
AMHERST                            	 MA	 USC00190120
LAWRENCE                           	 MA	 USC00194105
PLYMOUTH-KINGSTON                  	 MA	 USC00196486
ADRIAN 2 NNE                       	 MI	 USC00200032
ALMA                               	 MI	 USC00200146
ANN ARBOR U OF MICH                	 MI	 USC00200230
BIG RAPIDS WTR WKS                 	 MI	 USC00200779
CHEBOYGAN                          	 MI	 USC00201492
COLDWATER ST SCHOOL                	 MI	 USC00201675
EAST TAWAS                         	 MI	 USC00202423
HART 3 WSW                         	 MI	 USC00203632
HILLSDALE                          	 MI	 USC00203823
IRON MT KINGSFORD WWTP             	 MI	 USC00204090
IRONWOOD                           	 MI	 USC00204104
MT PLEASANT UNIV                   	 MI	 USC00205662
MUNISING                           	 MI	 USC00205690
NEWBERRY 3S                        	 MI	 USC00205816
OWOSSO WWTP                        	 MI	 USC00206300
SOUTH HAVEN                        	 MI	 USC00207690
STAMBAUGH 2SSE                     	 MI	 USC00207812
ADA                                	 MN	 USC00210018
ALBERT LEA 3 SE                    	 MN	 USC00210075
ARGYLE                             	 MN	 USC00210252
BAUDETTE                           	 MN	 USC00210515
CLOQUET                            	 MN	 USC00211630
DETROIT LAKES 1 NNE                	 MN	 USC00212142
FAIRMONT                           	 MN	 USC00212698
GRAND MEADOW                       	 MN	 USC00213290
GRAND RPDS FOREST LAB              	 MN	 USC00213303
ITASCA UNIV OF MINN                	 MN	 USC00214106
LEECH LAKE                         	 MN	 USC00214652
MILAN 1 NW                         	 MN	 USC00215400
MONTEVIDEO 1 SW                    	 MN	 USC00215563
MORA                               	 MN	 USC00215615
MORRIS WC EXP STN                  	 MN	 USC00215638
PINE RIVER DAM                     	 MN	 USC00216547
PIPESTONE                          	 MN	 USC00216565
ROSEAU                             	 MN	 USC00217087
ST PETER                           	 MN	 USC00217405
SANDY LAKE DAM LIBBY               	 MN	 USC00217460
TWO HARBORS                        	 MN	 USC00218419
WINNEBAGO                          	 MN	 USC00219046
ZUMBROTA                           	 MN	 USC00219249
ABERDEEN                           	 MS	 USC00220021
BATESVILLE 2 SW                    	 MS	 USC00220488
BOONEVILLE                         	 MS	 USC00220955
BROOKHAVEN CITY                    	 MS	 USC00221094
CANTON 4N                          	 MS	 USC00221389
CLARKSDALE                         	 MS	 USC00221707
COLUMBIA                           	 MS	 USC00221865
CORINTH 7 SW                       	 MS	 USC00221962
CRYSTAL SPGS EXP STN               	 MS	 USC00222094
FOREST                             	 MS	 USC00223107
GREENVILLE                         	 MS	 USC00223605
HATTIESBURG 5SW                    	 MS	 USC00223887
HERNANDO                           	 MS	 USC00223975
KOSCIUSKO                          	 MS	 USC00224776
LAUREL                             	 MS	 USC00224939
LOUISVILLE                         	 MS	 USC00225247
MONTICELLO                         	 MS	 USC00225987
MOORHEAD                           	 MS	 USC00226009
NATCHEZ                            	 MS	 USC00226177
PASCAGOULA 3 NE                    	 MS	 USC00226718
POPLARVILLE EXP STN                	 MS	 USC00227128
PORT GIBSON 1 NE                   	 MS	 USC00227132
STATE UNIV                         	 MS	 USC00228374
UNIVERSITY                         	 MS	 USC00229079
WATER VALLEY                       	 MS	 USC00229400
WAYNESBORO 2 W                     	 MS	 USC00229439
WOODVILLE 4 ESE                    	 MS	 USC00229793
APPLETON CITY                      	 MO	 USC00230204
BRUNSWICK                          	 MO	 USC00231037
CARUTHERSVILLE                     	 MO	 USC00231364
CLINTON                            	 MO	 USC00231711
CONCEPTION                         	 MO	 USC00231822
DONIPHAN                           	 MO	 USC00232289
FARMINGTON                         	 MO	 USC00232809
JEFFERSON CITY WTP                 	 MO	 USC00234271
LAMAR 2W                           	 MO	 USC00234705
LEBANON 2W                         	 MO	 USC00234825
LOCKWOOD                           	 MO	 USC00235027
MARBLE HILL                        	 MO	 USC00235253
MEXICO                             	 MO	 USC00235541
MTN GROVE 2 N                      	 MO	 USC00235834
NEOSHO                             	 MO	 USC00235976
ROLLA UNI OF MISSOURI              	 MO	 USC00237263
STEFFENVILLE                       	 MO	 USC00238051
UNIONVILLE                         	 MO	 USC00238523
WARRENTON 1 N                      	 MO	 USC00238725
ANACONDA                           	 MT	 USC00240199
AUGUSTA                            	 MT	 USC00240364
BIG TIMBER                         	 MT	 USC00240780
BOZEMAN MONTANA ST U               	 MT	 USC00241044
CASCADE 5 S                        	 MT	 USC00241552
CHINOOK                            	 MT	 USC00241722
CHOTEAU                            	 MT	 USC00241737
EKALAKA                            	 MT	 USC00242689
ENNIS                              	 MT	 USC00242793
FLATWILLOW 4 ENE                   	 MT	 USC00243013
FT ASSINNIBOINE                    	 MT	 USC00243110
GLENDIVE                           	 MT	 USC00243581
HAMILTON                           	 MT	 USC00243885
HEBGEN DAM                         	 MT	 USC00244038
HUNTLEY EXP STN                    	 MT	 USC00244345
JORDAN                             	 MT	 USC00244522
KALISPELL GLACIER AP               	 MT	 USC00244558
LIBBY 1 NE RS                      	 MT	 USC00245015
MEDICINE LAKE 3 SE                 	 MT	 USC00245572
MOCCASIN EXP STN                   	 MT	 USC00245761
NORRIS MADISON PH                  	 MT	 USC00246157
PLEVNA                             	 MT	 USC00246601
RED LODGE                          	 MT	 USC00246918
SAVAGE                             	 MT	 USC00247382
VALIER                             	 MT	 USC00248501
VIRGINIA CITY                      	 MT	 USC00248597
WEST YELLOWSTONE                   	 MT	 USC00248857
ALBION                             	 NE	 USC00250070
ALLIANCE 1WNW                      	 NE	 USC00250130
ASHLAND NO 2                       	 NE	 USC00250375
ATKINSON 3SW                       	 NE	 USC00250420
AUBURN 5 ESE                       	 NE	 USC00250435
BEAVER CITY                        	 NE	 USC00250640
BRIDGEPORT                         	 NE	 USC00251145
BROKEN BOW 2 W                     	 NE	 USC00251200
CRETE                              	 NE	 USC00252020
CURTIS 3NNE                        	 NE	 USC00252100
DAVID CITY                         	 NE	 USC00252205
FAIRBURY 5S                        	 NE	 USC00252820
GENEVA                             	 NE	 USC00253175
GENOA 2 W                          	 NE	 USC00253185
GOTHENBURG                         	 NE	 USC00253365
HARRISON                           	 NE	 USC00253615
HARTINGTON                         	 NE	 USC00253630
HASTINGS 4N                        	 NE	 USC00253660
HEBRON                             	 NE	 USC00253735
HOLDREGE                           	 NE	 USC00253910
IMPERIAL                           	 NE	 USC00254110
KIMBALL 2NE                        	 NE	 USC00254440
LODGEPOLE                          	 NE	 USC00254900
LOUP CITY                          	 NE	 USC00254985
MADISON                            	 NE	 USC00255080
MINDEN                             	 NE	 USC00255565
OAKDALE                            	 NE	 USC00256135
PAWNEE CITY                        	 NE	 USC00256570
PURDUM                             	 NE	 USC00256970
RED CLOUD                          	 NE	 USC00257070
SAINT PAUL                         	 NE	 USC00257515
SEWARD                             	 NE	 USC00257715
SYRACUSE                           	 NE	 USC00258395
TECUMSEH 1S                        	 NE	 USC00258465
TEKAMAH                            	 NE	 USC00258480
WAKEFIELD                          	 NE	 USC00258915
AUSTIN #2                          	 NV	 USC00260507
FALLON EXP STN                     	 NV	 USC00262780
LOVELOCK                           	 NV	 USC00264698
MCGILL                             	 NV	 USC00264950
MINA                               	 NV	 USC00265168
SEARCHLIGHT                        	 NV	 USC00267369
DURHAM                             	 NH	 USC00272174
FIRST CONNECTICUT LAKE             	 NH	 USC00272999
HANOVER                            	 NH	 USC00273850
KEENE                              	 NH	 USC00274399
BOONTON 1 SE                       	 NJ	 USC00280907
CHARLOTTEBURG RESERVE              	 NJ	 USC00281582
FLEMINGTON 5 NNW                   	 NJ	 USC00283029
HIGHTSTOWN 2 W                     	 NJ	 USC00283951
INDIAN MILLS 2 W                   	 NJ	 USC00284229
LONG BRANCH OAKHURST               	 NJ	 USC00284987
MOORESTOWN                         	 NJ	 USC00285728
PLAINFIELD                         	 NJ	 USC00287079
AZTEC RUINS NM                     	 NM	 USC00290692
CARLSBAD                           	 NM	 USC00291469
CHAMA                              	 NM	 USC00291664
CIMARRON 4 SW                      	 NM	 USC00291813
DULCE                              	 NM	 USC00292608
ELEPHANT BUTTE DAM                 	 NM	 USC00292848
JEMEZ SPRINGS                      	 NM	 USC00294369
JORNADA EXP RANGE                  	 NM	 USC00294426
LUNA RS                            	 NM	 USC00295273
MTN PARK                           	 NM	 USC00295960
MOUNTAINAIR                        	 NM	 USC00295965
OROGRANDE                          	 NM	 USC00296435
RED RIVER                          	 NM	 USC00297323
SAN JON                            	 NM	 USC00297867
SANTA ROSA                         	 NM	 USC00298107
SOCORRO                            	 NM	 USC00298387
SPRINGER                           	 NM	 USC00298501
TUCUMCARI 4 NE                     	 NM	 USC00299156
TULAROSA                           	 NM	 USC00299165
ADDISON                            	 NY	 USC00300023
ALFRED                             	 NY	 USC00300085
ALLEGANY SP                        	 NY	 USC00300093
ANGELICA                           	 NY	 USC00300183
AUBURN                             	 NY	 USC00300321
BATAVIA                            	 NY	 USC00300443
BRIDGEHAMPTON                      	 NY	 USC00300889
CHAZY                              	 NY	 USC00301401
COOPERSTOWN                        	 NY	 USC00301752
DANNEMORA                          	 NY	 USC00301966
DANSVILLE                          	 NY	 USC00301974
ELMIRA                             	 NY	 USC00302610
FREDONIA                           	 NY	 USC00303033
HEMLOCK                            	 NY	 USC00303773
INDIAN LAKE 2SW                    	 NY	 USC00304102
ITHACA CORNELL UNIV                	 NY	 USC00304174
LAKE PLACID 2 S                    	 NY	 USC00304555
LITTLE FALLS CITY RES              	 NY	 USC00304791
LOWVILLE                           	 NY	 USC00304912
MOHONK LAKE                        	 NY	 USC00305426
MORRISVILLE 6 SW                   	 NY	 USC00305512
NORWICH                            	 NY	 USC00306085
OGDENSBURG 4 NE                    	 NY	 USC00306164
OSWEGO EAST                        	 NY	 USC00306314
PORT JERVIS                        	 NY	 USC00306774
SETAUKET STRONG                    	 NY	 USC00307633
STILLWATER RSVR                    	 NY	 USC00308248
TUPPER LAKE SUNMOUNT               	 NY	 USC00308631
WATERTOWN                          	 NY	 USC00309000
WEST POINT                         	 NY	 USC00309292
ALBEMARLE                          	 NC	 USC00310090
CHAPEL HILL 2 W                    	 NC	 USC00311677
EDENTON                            	 NC	 USC00312635
ELIZABETH CITY                     	 NC	 USC00312719
FAYETTEVILLE PWC                   	 NC	 USC00313017
HENDERSON 2 NNW                    	 NC	 USC00313969
HENDERSONVILLE 1 NE                	 NC	 USC00313976
HIGHLANDS                          	 NC	 USC00314055
KINSTON 7 SE                       	 NC	 USC00314684
LENOIR                             	 NC	 USC00314938
LOUISBURG                          	 NC	 USC00315123
LUMBERTON                          	 NC	 USC00315177
MARION 2 NW                        	 NC	 USC00315340
MARSHALL                           	 NC	 USC00315356
MONROE 2 SE                        	 NC	 USC00315771
MORGANTON                          	 NC	 USC00315838
MT AIRY 2 W                        	 NC	 USC00315890
SALISBURY                          	 NC	 USC00317615
SMITHFIELD                         	 NC	 USC00317994
SOUTHPORT 5 N                      	 NC	 USC00318113
STATESVILLE 2 NNE                  	 NC	 USC00318292
TARBORO 1 S                        	 NC	 USC00318500
WAYNESVILLE 1 E                    	 NC	 USC00319147
WILSON 3 SW                        	 NC	 USC00319476
BOTTINEAU                          	 ND	 USC00320941
CROSBY                             	 ND	 USC00321871
DICKINSON EXP STN                  	 ND	 USC00322188
DUNN CENTER 1E                     	 ND	 USC00322365
FULLERTON 1 ESE                    	 ND	 USC00323287
GRAND FORKS UNIV NWS               	 ND	 USC00323621
HILLSBORO 3 N                      	 ND	 USC00324203
JAMESTOWN STATE HOSP               	 ND	 USC00324418
LANGDON EXP FARM                   	 ND	 USC00324958
LISBON                             	 ND	 USC00325220
MANDAN EXP STN                     	 ND	 USC00325479
NAPOLEON                           	 ND	 USC00326255
NEW ENGLAND                        	 ND	 USC00326315
RICHARDTON ABBEY                   	 ND	 USC00327530
TOWNER 2 NE                        	 ND	 USC00328792
WILLOW CITY                        	 ND	 USC00329445
BUCYRUS                            	 OH	 USC00331072
CHIPPEWA LAKE                      	 OH	 USC00331541
CIRCLEVILLE                        	 OH	 USC00331592
COSHOCTON WPC PLT                  	 OH	 USC00331890
DEFIANCE                           	 OH	 USC00332098
FINDLAY WPCC                       	 OH	 USC00332791
GREENVILLE WTP                     	 OH	 USC00333375
HILLSBORO                          	 OH	 USC00333758
HIRAM                              	 OH	 USC00333780
KENTON                             	 OH	 USC00334189
MC CONNELLSVILLE LK 7              	 OH	 USC00335041
MILLERSBURG                        	 OH	 USC00335297
MILLPORT 4 NE                      	 OH	 USC00335315
NORWALK WWTP                       	 OH	 USC00336118
OBERLIN                            	 OH	 USC00336196
PHILO 3 SW                         	 OH	 USC00336600
PORTSMOUTH-SCIOTOVILLE             	 OH	 USC00336781
TIFFIN                             	 OH	 USC00338313
UPPER SANDUSKY                     	 OH	 USC00338534
URBANA WWTP                        	 OH	 USC00338552
WARREN 3 S                         	 OH	 USC00338769
WAUSEON WTP                        	 OH	 USC00338822
WAVERLY                            	 OH	 USC00338830
WOOSTER EXP STATION                	 OH	 USC00339312
ALTUS IRIG RSCH STN                	 OK	 USC00340179
ANTLERS                            	 OK	 USC00340256
ARDMORE                            	 OK	 USC00340292
BEAVER                             	 OK	 USC00340593
BOISE CITY 2 E                     	 OK	 USC00340908
BUFFALO 2 SSW                      	 OK	 USC00341243
CHEROKEE 4W                        	 OK	 USC00341724
CLAREMORE 2 ENE                    	 OK	 USC00341828
DURANT                             	 OK	 USC00342678
ENID                               	 OK	 USC00342912
ERICK                              	 OK	 USC00342944
GEARY                              	 OK	 USC00343497
GOODWELL RSCH STN                  	 OK	 USC00343628
GUTHRIE 5S                         	 OK	 USC00343821
HENNESSEY 4 ESE                    	 OK	 USC00344055
HOLDENVILLE 2SSE                   	 OK	 USC00344235
HOOKER                             	 OK	 USC00344298
JEFFERSON                          	 OK	 USC00344573
KINGFISHER                         	 OK	 USC00344861
LAWTON                             	 OK	 USC00345063
MANGUM                             	 OK	 USC00345509
MEEKER 5 W                         	 OK	 USC00345779
MIAMI                              	 OK	 USC00345855
MUSKOGEE                           	 OK	 USC00346130
MUTUAL                             	 OK	 USC00346139
NEWKIRK 1NW                        	 OK	 USC00346278
OKEMAH                             	 OK	 USC00346638
OKMULGEE WTR WKS                   	 OK	 USC00346670
PAULS VALLEY 4 WSW                 	 OK	 USC00346926
PAWHUSKA                           	 OK	 USC00346935
PERRY                              	 OK	 USC00347012
STILLWATER 2 W                     	 OK	 USC00348501
WEATHERFORD                        	 OK	 USC00349422
ASHLAND                            	 OR	 USC00350304
BEND                               	 OR	 USC00350694
CASCADIA                           	 OR	 USC00351433
CONDON                             	 OR	 USC00351765
CORVALLIS STATE UNIV               	 OR	 USC00351862
COTTAGE GROVE 2E                   	 OR	 USC00351897
CRATER LAKE NPS HQ                 	 OR	 USC00351946
DANNER                             	 OR	 USC00352135
DRAIN                              	 OR	 USC00352406
DUFUR                              	 OR	 USC00352440
FOREST GROVE                       	 OR	 USC00352997
GRANTS PASS                        	 OR	 USC00353445
HEADWORKS PORTLAND WTR             	 OR	 USC00353770
HEPPNER                            	 OR	 USC00353827
HERMISTON 1 SE                     	 OR	 USC00353847
HOOD RIVER EXP STN                 	 OR	 USC00354003
LAKEVIEW 2 NNW                     	 OR	 USC00354670
MCKENZIE BRG RS                    	 OR	 USC00355362
MC MINNVILLE                       	 OR	 USC00355384
MILTON FREEWATER                   	 OR	 USC00355593
MORO                               	 OR	 USC00355734
PAISLEY                            	 OR	 USC00356426
PILOT ROCK 1 SE                    	 OR	 USC00356634
PRINEVILLE                         	 OR	 USC00356883
PROSPECT 2 SW                      	 OR	 USC00356907
RIDDLE                             	 OR	 USC00357169
THREE LYNX                         	 OR	 USC00358466
UNION EXP STN                      	 OR	 USC00358746
VALE                               	 OR	 USC00358797
WALLOWA                            	 OR	 USC00358997
CHAMBERSBURG 1 ESE                 	 PA	 USC00361354
FRANKLIN                           	 PA	 USC00363028
NEW CASTLE 1 N                     	 PA	 USC00366233
PLEASANT MT 1 W                    	 PA	 USC00367029
RIDGWAY                            	 PA	 USC00367477
SELINSGROVE 2 S                    	 PA	 USC00367931
STATE COLLEGE                      	 PA	 USC00368449
STROUDSBURG                        	 PA	 USC00368596
TOWANDA 1 S                        	 PA	 USC00368905
UNIONTOWN 1 NE                     	 PA	 USC00369050
WARREN                             	 PA	 USC00369298
WELLSBORO 4 SW                     	 PA	 USC00369408
WEST CHESTER 2 NW                  	 PA	 USC00369464
YORK 3 SSW PUMP STN                	 PA	 USC00369933
KINGSTON                           	 RI	 USC00374266
ANDERSON                           	 SC	 USC00380165
CALHOUN FALLS                      	 SC	 USC00381277
CHERAW                             	 SC	 USC00381588
CLEMSON UNIV                       	 SC	 USC00381770
COLUMBIA UNIV OF SC                	 SC	 USC00381944
CONWAY                             	 SC	 USC00381997
DARLINGTON                         	 SC	 USC00382260
LAURENS                            	 SC	 USC00385017
LITTLE MTN                         	 SC	 USC00385200
NEWBERRY                           	 SC	 USC00386209
ORANGEBURG 2                       	 SC	 USC00386527
SALUDA                             	 SC	 USC00387631
SANTUCK                            	 SC	 USC00387722
SUMMERVILLE 4W                     	 SC	 USC00388426
SUMTER                             	 SC	 USC00388440
WALHALLA                           	 SC	 USC00388887
WINNSBORO                          	 SC	 USC00389327
WINTHROP UNIV                      	 SC	 USC00389350
YEMASSEE                           	 SC	 USC00389469
ACADEMY 2NE                        	 SD	 USC00390043
ALEXANDRIA                         	 SD	 USC00390128
CANTON                             	 SD	 USC00391392
CLARK                              	 SD	 USC00391739
COTTONWOOD 2 E                     	 SD	 USC00391972
DUPREE                             	 SD	 USC00392429
EUREKA                             	 SD	 USC00392797
FAULKTON 1 NW                      	 SD	 USC00392927
FORESTBURG 4 NNE                   	 SD	 USC00393029
HIGHMORE 1 W                       	 SD	 USC00393832
HOT SPRINGS                        	 SD	 USC00394007
HOWARD                             	 SD	 USC00394037
KENNEBEC                           	 SD	 USC00394516
MELLETTE 4 W                       	 SD	 USC00395456
MENNO                              	 SD	 USC00395481
MURDO                              	 SD	 USC00395891
RAPID CITY 4NW                     	 SD	 USC00396947
VERMILLION 2 SE                    	 SD	 USC00398622
WOOD                               	 SD	 USC00399442
CLARKSVILLE WWTP                   	 TN	 USC00401790
COVINGTON 3 SW                     	 TN	 USC00402108
CROSSVILLE ED & RESEARCH           	 TN	 USC00402202
DICKSON                            	 TN	 USC00402489
DOVER 1 W                          	 TN	 USC00402589
JACKSON EXP STN                    	 TN	 USC00404561
LEWISBURG EXP STN                  	 TN	 USC00405187
MC MINNVILLE                       	 TN	 USC00405882
MURFREESBORO 5 N                   	 TN	 USC00406371
NEWPORT 1 NW                       	 TN	 USC00406534
ROGERSVILLE 1 NE                   	 TN	 USC00407884
TULLAHOMA                          	 TN	 USC00409155
UNION CITY                         	 TN	 USC00409219
WAYNESBORO                         	 TN	 USC00409502
ALBANY                             	 TX	 USC00410120
ALPINE                             	 TX	 USC00410174
BALLINGER 2 NW                     	 TX	 USC00410493
BALMORHEA                          	 TX	 USC00410498
BEEVILLE 5 NE                      	 TX	 USC00410639
BLANCO                             	 TX	 USC00410832
BOERNE                             	 TX	 USC00410902
BRENHAM                            	 TX	 USC00411048
BROWNWOOD 2ENE                     	 TX	 USC00411138
CORSICANA                          	 TX	 USC00412019
CROSBYTON                          	 TX	 USC00412121
DANEVANG 1 W                       	 TX	 USC00412266
EAGLE PASS 3N                      	 TX	 USC00412679
ENCINAL                            	 TX	 USC00412906
FALFURRIAS                         	 TX	 USC00413063
FLATONIA 4SE                       	 TX	 USC00413183
GREENVILLE KGVL RADIO              	 TX	 USC00413734
HALLETTSVILLE 2 N                  	 TX	 USC00413873
HASKELL                            	 TX	 USC00413992
LAMPASAS                           	 TX	 USC00415018
LIBERTY                            	 TX	 USC00415196
LLANO                              	 TX	 USC00415272
LULING                             	 TX	 USC00415429
MARSHALL                           	 TX	 USC00415618
MEXIA                              	 TX	 USC00415869
MIAMI                              	 TX	 USC00415875
MULESHOE #1                        	 TX	 USC00416135
NEW BRAUNFELS                      	 TX	 USC00416276
PARIS                              	 TX	 USC00416794
PLAINVIEW                          	 TX	 USC00417079
QUANAH 2 SW                        	 TX	 USC00417336
RIO GRANDE CITY                    	 TX	 USC00417622
SEMINOLE                           	 TX	 USC00418201
SNYDER                             	 TX	 USC00418433
STRATFORD                          	 TX	 USC00418692
WEATHERFORD                        	 TX	 USC00419532
ALTON                              	 UT	 USC00420086
BLANDING                           	 UT	 USC00420738
BLUFF                              	 UT	 USC00420788
DESERET                            	 UT	 USC00422101
DUCHESNE                           	 UT	 USC00422253
ESCALANTE                          	 UT	 USC00422592
FILLMORE                           	 UT	 USC00422828
FT DUCHESNE                        	 UT	 USC00422996
HEBER                              	 UT	 USC00423809
KANAB                              	 UT	 USC00424508
LAKETOWN                           	 UT	 USC00424856
LEVAN                              	 UT	 USC00425065
LOGAN UTAH ST UNIV                 	 UT	 USC00425186
MANTI                              	 UT	 USC00425402
MARYSVALE                          	 UT	 USC00425477
MOAB                               	 UT	 USC00425733
MORGAN POWER & LIGHT               	 UT	 USC00425826
NEPHI                              	 UT	 USC00426135
PANGUITCH                          	 UT	 USC00426601
RICHFIELD RADIO KSVC               	 UT	 USC00427260
ST GEORGE                          	 UT	 USC00427516
SCIPIO                             	 UT	 USC00427714
SPANISH FORK PWR HOUSE             	 UT	 USC00428119
TOOELE                             	 UT	 USC00428771
UTAH LAKE LEHI                     	 UT	 USC00428973
WOODRUFF                           	 UT	 USC00429595
ZION NP                            	 UT	 USC00429717
CAVENDISH                          	 VT	 USC00431243
CORNWALL                           	 VT	 USC00431580
ENOSBURG FALLS                     	 VT	 USC00432769
BURKES GARDEN                      	 VA	 USC00441209
CHARLOTTESVILLE 2W                 	 VA	 USC00441593
DALE ENTERPRISE                    	 VA	 USC00442208
DANVILLE                           	 VA	 USC00442245
FARMVILLE 2 N                      	 VA	 USC00442941
HOPEWELL                           	 VA	 USC00444101
HOT SPRINGS                        	 VA	 USC00444128
LEXINGTON                          	 VA	 USC00444876
LINCOLN                            	 VA	 USC00444909
ROCKY MT                           	 VA	 USC00447338
WOODSTOCK 2 NE                     	 VA	 USC00449263
ABERDEEN                           	 WA	 USC00450008
BLAINE                             	 WA	 USC00450729
BUCKLEY 1 NE                       	 WA	 USC00450945
CEDAR LAKE                         	 WA	 USC00451233
CENTRALIA                          	 WA	 USC00451276
CLEARBROOK                         	 WA	 USC00451484
CLE ELUM                           	 WA	 USC00451504
COLVILLE                           	 WA	 USC00451630
CONCONULLY                         	 WA	 USC00451666
DAVENPORT                          	 WA	 USC00452007
DAYTON 1 WSW                       	 WA	 USC00452030
ELLENSBURG                         	 WA	 USC00452505
EVERETT                            	 WA	 USC00452675
FORKS 1 E                          	 WA	 USC00452914
GOLDENDALE                         	 WA	 USC00453222
KENNEWICK                          	 WA	 USC00454154
LONGVIEW                           	 WA	 USC00454769
NORTHPORT                          	 WA	 USC00455946
ODESSA                             	 WA	 USC00456039
OLGA 2 SE                          	 WA	 USC00456096
POMEROY                            	 WA	 USC00456610
RITZVILLE 1 SSE                    	 WA	 USC00457059
SEDRO WOOLLEY                      	 WA	 USC00457507
SNOQUALMIE FALLS                   	 WA	 USC00457773
STEHEKIN 4 NW                      	 WA	 USC00458059
SUNNYSIDE                          	 WA	 USC00458207
VANCOUVER 4 NNE                    	 WA	 USC00458773
WATERVILLE                         	 WA	 USC00459012
WILBUR                             	 WA	 USC00459238
WINTHROP 1 WSW                     	 WA	 USC00459376
BUCKHANNON                         	 WV	 USC00461220
GLENVILLE                          	 WV	 USC00463544
LEWISBURG 3 N                      	 WV	 USC00465224
PARSONS 1 NE                       	 WV	 USC00466867
PINEVILLE                          	 WV	 USC00467029
SPENCER                            	 WV	 USC00468384
ASHLAND EXP FARM                   	 WI	 USC00470349
BRODHEAD                           	 WI	 USC00471078
DARLINGTON                         	 WI	 USC00472001
FOND DU LAC                        	 WI	 USC00472839
HANCOCK EXP FARM                   	 WI	 USC00473405
LANCASTER 4 WSW                    	 WI	 USC00474546
MANITOWOC                          	 WI	 USC00475017
MARSHFIELD EXP FARM                	 WI	 USC00475120
MEDFORD                            	 WI	 USC00475255
MINOCQUA                           	 WI	 USC00475516
NEILLSVILLE 3 SW                   	 WI	 USC00475808
NEW LONDON                         	 WI	 USC00475932
OCONTO 4 W                         	 WI	 USC00476208
OSHKOSH                            	 WI	 USC00476330
PORTAGE                            	 WI	 USC00476718
PRAIRIE DU CHIEN                   	 WI	 USC00476827
RACINE                             	 WI	 USC00476922
SPOONER AG RES STN                 	 WI	 USC00478027
STANLEY                            	 WI	 USC00478110
VIROQUA                            	 WI	 USC00478827
WATERTOWN                          	 WI	 USC00478919
ALTA 1 NNW                         	 WY	 USC00480140
BASIN                              	 WY	 USC00480540
CHUGWATER                          	 WY	 USC00481730
CODY                               	 WY	 USC00481840
COLONY                             	 WY	 USC00481905
DIVERSION DAM                      	 WY	 USC00482595
DUBOIS                             	 WY	 USC00482715
EVANSTON 1 E                       	 WY	 USC00483100
GREEN RIVER                        	 WY	 USC00484065
LAKE YELLOWSTONE                   	 WY	 USC00485345
MORAN 5WNW                         	 WY	 USC00486440
NEWCASTLE                          	 WY	 USC00486660
PAVILLION                          	 WY	 USC00487115
RIVERTON                           	 WY	 USC00487760
SHERIDAN FLD STA                   	 WY	 USC00488160
WHEATLAND 4 N                      	 WY	 USC00489615
WORLAND                            	 WY	 USC00489770
YELLOWSTONE PK MAMMOTH             	 WY	 USC00489905

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8 Responses to Spectacular Lies Are The New Normal In Climate Science

  1. Robert. says:

    A very deceptive trick with the numbers… you’ll probably most readers. I wonder if anybody will catch it.

  2. Justa Joe says:

    Funny I don’t recall 2012 being particularly hot. It wasn’t at all remarkable. I guess that they must be counting on the public being very impressionable.

    • Andy DC says:

      Late last June and July were quite hot by modern standards, but nowhere nearly as hot as the 1930’s. Unlike the 1930’s, it cooled off markedly in August.

  3. tom0mason says:

    CO2 in 2012 of course peaked and the alarmist would like to make a connection. Fortunately they can’t.
    But still our country’s industry is tasked with reducing CO2 emissions to the detriment of the nation.

  4. Don says:

    They openly lie and manipulate this data, imagine what else they are lying and manipulating, outside of weather data, that goes unnoticed. Big government, and its desire to relieve us of our personal liberties, is behind all this.

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