US Summer Afternoons Getting Much Cooler Over The Last 80 Years

There are 862 US HCN stations which have been continuously active since at least 1930. The average summer maximum temperature has dropped almost 1.5ºF since 1930 at those stations. The summer of 2012 barely cracked the top ten. The summer of 2013 had the 13th coolest afternoons since 1930.

ScreenHunter_270 Sep. 06 04.32

Index of /pub/data/ghcn/daily/hcn/

As CO2 has increased, summer afternoon temperatures have decreased

ScreenHunter_271 Sep. 06 04.43

Government employees who claim that summers are getting hotter due to CO2 are lying.  Prior to data tampering at NOAA, the data shows the exact opposite.

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3 Responses to US Summer Afternoons Getting Much Cooler Over The Last 80 Years

  1. F. Guimaraes says:

    DMI Arctic Temperatures also show cold summer averages for 2004 and 2009,
    and 1991, of course, is Pinatubo. Makes sense.

  2. tom0mason says:

    It is so obvious from the second graph the CO2 has very, very little to do with weather or climate changes. Indeed from the graph you could say that rising CO2 seems to cause more cooling but that would be to use an alarmist trick of coincidence and correlation as proof of causation.

    Why is this great nation on it’s knees to the UN and the IPCC when it comes to judging CO2?

  3. jack b :-) says:

    Spent 6 of every 7 days OUTSIDE this summer in midland, tx. Haven’t been able to do that in quite a while. Enjoyed every minute of, and we got a LOT done this summer. Getting the motor home ready for some gas lease well workover activity about 60 miles from here next week. Spent all week OUTSIDE working on it. Haven’t had this much summer fun around here since college –

    When we’d chill our beer out on the lake with CO2 fire extinguishers! LOLz!

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