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Plan A : Build Keystone – Get Out Of The Middle East

When Democrats start talking about morality as a basis for war, you know that a lot of children are about to die, and that the area is going to be a mess for the next century.

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Obama’s Political Assets

Obama has risen to the top very quickly, because he has no sense of guilt or remorse, was raised to believe that everything perceived wrong with the world was some white person’s fault – and is completely comfortable with lying … Continue reading

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North Vs. South

I have shown a lot of data demonstrating that US and Northern Hemisphere temperature trends have been massively tampered with by NOAA and NASA. Their claimed goal was to make it line up better with southern hemisphere data, which supposedly … Continue reading

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Colorado Fire Report

There have been no forest fires in Colorado this September (or anyplace else in the southwest.) But it wasn’t always like that.  One hundred fifteen years ago this month, a fire burned up the entire northwest quadrant of the state. … Continue reading

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You Didn’t Build That

Honorable? Now they want us to trust them again, after the last world record flustercluck and cover up?

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Breaking The Cycle Of Guilt

Progressive parasites like Julia and Barack rule through guilt and fear. They convince productive people that they are obligated to give up their money and freedom in order to support some imaginary higher cause (i.e. keeping their supporters on the … Continue reading

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A Testosterone/HGH Free Bicycle Race

There are still some pure venues for bicycle racing

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