Shirley You Must Be Kidding

The Republican Jewish Coalition sent an action alert on Tuesday to its 45,000 members directing them to urge Congress to authorise force in Syria. The RJC’s opposite number, the National Jewish Democratic Council, has also called for military intervention as has the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organisations..

The president, who spoke to 1,000 rabbis in an annual conference call which took place last Friday, has said a military response is needed to uphold an international ban on the use of chemicals weapons and to deter Syria from using them again on his people or on neighbours such as Israel or Jordan.

US Jewish leaders petition Congress to authorise Syria strike | World news |

WTF? If Syria used chemical weapons on Israel, they would probably get vaporized. Instead of repeating this chemical weapons BS over and over again, why not explain the real reasons to go to war with Syria Iran?

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5 Responses to Shirley You Must Be Kidding

  1. EW3 says:

    “the real reasons to go to war”

    Getting the administrations many scandals buried.

  2. jack b :-) says:

    Misdirection prior to the upcoming midterms. Or ‘shuck and jive,’

  3. Adam says:

    I have some reflection over the videos of the chemical attack in Damascus, things seemingly completely ignored in all the discussions:
    1. I’ve watched a lot of videos and noticed that hardly any of the male victims treated had camouflage or military stile pants, usually worn by the rebells. It would suggest that either the rebells were not in the attack zone (warned in advance), or that the attack targeted civil areas outside of the battle ground.
    2. It was said that Assad lost patience with the lack of progress in the Ghouta area, despite days of heavy fighting in the area. How come then that there were scores of civilians still left in the area? In contrast to all previous experience from Syria, people leave their homes and flee to safety, not stay home.
    3. Many of the victims described being woken up in their beds by the chemical weapon shelling, meaning the attack must have been executed outside the actual battle ground. Where is the logic here? Assad let’s his frustration and anger out on sleeping civilians? With the UN inspectors in Damascus? This story is pure BS! The man is gaining ground all over Syria and gets irrationally frustrated in this particular moment? BS!
    4. No one, beside the warmongers in the US puts the body count as high as 1400. Most estimates circle around 300-500 people. Why is this lie challanged by anyone?
    5. Why did the US push the UN to limit the scope of inpectors’ mission short of pointing the finger at probable culprit? Syrians wanted the UN to assess the attack all the way!

    Any thoughts?

    Sorry for the spelling….

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