Crack Scientists Say That Melting Antarctic Ice Threatens Penguins

Penguins and Global Warming Even penguins are affected by the climate change that takes place out there.

Due to global warming around the world, their natural environment is affected. Those species that live in the extremely cold regions depend on the ice because it is what they walk on. When it is melting at fast rates it completely changes their natural environment. At the same time it can make them vulnerable to predators that they were protected from in the past due to the thick sheets of ice.

Scientists believe that half of the population of penguins in the Antarctic region has been depleted in the last 50 years due to the climate change. It is the species known as the Emperor Penguins that have seen the largest losses. This is due to the warming trends continuing for several years. There is plenty of change that takes place over that span of time, and most of it isn’t positive when it comes to the natural habitat of the penguins.

Penguins and Global Warming

There has been no warming in Antarctica for 30 years, and sea ice is at record highs.

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ScreenHunter_343 Sep. 08 05.44

S_daily_extent.png (420×500)

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21 Responses to Crack Scientists Say That Melting Antarctic Ice Threatens Penguins

  1. The Iconoclast says:

    AGW proponents, as their scientific theories are being falsified by nature herself, have, after attempting to patch, modify and fix up their theories, found their edifice less and less able to support their assertions, are now degenerating to the point where they are abandoning all pretense of doing science and resorting to ad hom attacks and bald-faced lies.

  2. WPBHurricane05 says:

    SeaWorld poses a bigger threat to Antarctica’s penguin population.

  3. diogenes100 says:

    Steven (and others): what is your best reference source re. antarctic temperature record? I need a source to convince some AGW-beguiled acquaintances.

  4. Harry Kal says:

    I read the article.
    It has a lot of statements that are not based on proof but a kind of guessing.

    ” Others have to continually attempt to cool their bodies due to the excessive heat. ”

    I have seem emperor penguins in several zoos in Europe.
    They did not look much worried about the excessive heat.

    “NSF’s online magazine that’s all about science for the people.”

    Science for stupids that is I guess.


  5. Robertv says:

    BS Penguins hate walking and love swimming. Just look how they are build.

  6. Crock Hunter says:

    Once again we see that SG’s incomplete assessment and misrepresentation of data enthralls the willfully ignorant…

    Whereas the unfamiliar or intentionally deceitful will look at ice coverage ..(ice measured by sq. mile) and say that there is no melting… The final word in gaining or losing ice is by measuring it’s Mass.. to that end.. NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE). satellites measure changes in Earth’s gravity . GRACE (as well as European satellite data) has shown that the Arctic, Antarctic and Greenland are losing “MASS” at an accelerated rate..

    Here are articles detailing the GRACE studies… …not that any of you will bother to read them… .

    • You are spectacularly dense. The Penguin article is discussing sea ice, not land ice, and those grace studies were severly flawed – as they admitted later.

      You really have no clue what you are talking about

    • Bob Koss says:

      Using a link shortener to hide google search results just shows how untenable your religious position is becoming. Below I compare your result with another google result done by making only a one word change in the search string.

      grace ice mass loss returns About 10,100,000 results (0.32 seconds)
      grace ice mass gain returns About 10,400,000 results (0.28 seconds)

      Shall we count each result as a vote or just ignore your trolling entirely?

  7. Harry Kal says:

    @Crock Hunter:

    I will bother but your URL does not lead to anything readable.
    Do you have another URL that leads to something?


    • Crock Hunter says:
      Good article.. Not too detailed ..not too basic…

      Here are two more detailed..

      Click to access 20121226_GreenlandIceSheetUpdate.pdf

      Click to access increasing_rates_of_ice_mass_loss_from_the_greenland__and_antarctic_ice_sheets_revealed_by_grace.pdf

      Hope that helps..

      Whereas newly formed sea ice may be inches or meters thick.. the denier will see no difference.. he will say that ice is increasing.. But Mass cares not and proves conclusively that polar ice is declining.. ..and as a plus..proves SG wrong..

      • John Cook is the biggest fraud in the business, and are you actually stupid enough to believe that Greenland ice affects Penguins?

        • Crock Hunter says:

          And there you have it.. when confronted with real world data the Denier feverishly constructs his phalanx of straw men… truly pathetic SG..

          Clearly the revelation (at least to you) that the mass of polar ice is in rapid decline was more than you could deal with.. I mean.. surface area of newly formed ice is somewhat tangible.. the denier can see for himself that the surface is covered in ice.. he has no idea how thick that ice is but to the’s matters not.. he has a metric that he can hastily point to that shows increasing numbers.. and quickly averts his eyes when faced with proof otherwise..

          But the reality is that “Mass” is the best (perhaps only) measure that can be counted on to show actual change in quality .

          There are two bins of ice in bags at the grocer each costing the same .. the bags are the same size..roughly 12″ in diameter and 18″ long.. The bag branded Denier appears full .. the bag is round and twist tied at the end.. however the ice is only 1 inch thick and in the shape of the bag … The other bag of ice..Real World Brand.. at first glance looks the same.. the bag is also round and also twist tied at the end… but the similarities end there.. a bag of Denier Brand ice weights 5 pounds* and a bag of Real World ice weighs 20 pounds (*at standard forces)

          Even the denier’s toddler will understand which bag contains more ice.. but then the toddler is likely brighter than his denier dad..

          …… A ton of ice is a ton of ice is a ton of ice matter if it’s a foot thick or ten feet…

          The decline in polar ice MASS means that polar ice is melting.. There is no refuting the decline in polar ice MASS.

          You failed again Steven… you failed to deal with the data .. you failed to correctly associate verifiable decline in polar ice mass with warming temperatures and instead rush on to idiotic postings about penguins in Greenland and feeble ad hominems …(given the manner in which deniers you’ll say that I claimed penguins live in Greenland.. .. )

          The decline in polar ice MASS means that polar ice is melting.. There is no refuting the decline in polar ice MASS… If you cannot address this in terms of Mass.. then, as I suspect, you are completely unable to address this at all..

  8. Harry Kal says:


    Articles by James Hansen and John Cook.
    The biggest alarmist and frauds of this time.
    And indeed, penguins have not been found on Greenland lately.
    Perhaps all haven been eaten by the almost extinct polar bears.


  9. Harry Kal says:

    does anyone know what Crock Hunter is snorting

  10. G. Watkins says:

    If,if, it is true that emperor penguin populations have declined it may be that the increased sea ice forces them to walk much further from their inland nesting sites to reach the sea and their food source. Either the roosting parent or the young chicks die from starvation as the long march to the sea takes longer and longer.

  11. gator69 says:

    “The population of emperor penguins in Antarctica is nearly twice as high as previously estimated according to a new satellite-based assessment.”

    Another false alarm from the true alarmists.

  12. greg22 says:

    Penguins actually prefer warming, check the research !
    “Penguins did not recolonize the Ross Sea until ca. 8000 calendar years (cal yr) B.P., after the early Holocene retreat of the Ross Ice Sheet. Two subsequent periods of abandonment at 5000–4000 and 2000–1100 cal yr B.P. correlate with cooling episodes that caused unfavorable marine conditions for breeding penguins. Most modern colonies were established only within the past 2000 yr. “

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