Fifty Years Ago

Lyndon Johnson was the most left-wing member of the US Senate prior to becoming Vice-President in 1961. In 1963, President Kennedy was assassinated while visiting Lyndon Johnson’s home state.

Johnson then took over the presidency, created a fake military incident, and started a war which demoralized America and took 60,000 American lives.

More recently, the most left-wing member of the Senate again took over the presidency and …. you fill in the rest.

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3 Responses to Fifty Years Ago

  1. Don says:

    LBJ did the same with the Civil Rights Act that JFK did not want and 50 years later look at race relations after how many trillions-of-dollars of wealth transfer. Lincoln wanted to remove the freed slaves from America but Boothe wrecked that possibility.

  2. darrylb says:

    If the United States seems divided now (and it is) Those of us who are celebrating 50 years since graduation saw a division and a change from which a good share of today’s problems precipitated. One of the greatest is that we have become more self-indulgent and not willing to except responsibility for our actions.
    On a second note–to those of you Down Under: Congratulations on your political changes, it is great to read of what you are doing!

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