NOAA’s Other Evil Twin

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Ocean Acidification Is Climate Change’s ‘Equally Evil Twin,’ NOAA Chief Says

Corals evolved during the Cambrian Era six hundred million years ago, with CO2 levels 4000% of what they are now. They are made of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) – and could not exist without substantial amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Unless the chemical properties of CaCO3 have changed, the corals will be just fine.

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6 Responses to NOAA’s Other Evil Twin

  1. Bruce says:

    CO2 won’t do much to calcareous organisms, but it sure rots the brains of NOAA catastropharians.

  2. They’re getting very desperate now.

    It just shows how politicised NOAA have become.

  3. Bill says:

    This is the one with the least data. They can’t use temperatures, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, or even ice this year. So now they will harp on this one for awhile. Here are some papers that find that corals are not harmed.

  4. RAVerhoeckx says:

    NOAA obliquitic apopletic fit by promulgation of dissonance commentary is using fatous mephistophelian to justifys it’s relativism.

  5. Ed says:

    The Cretaceous period is named after the chalk deposits that formed then, when CO2 was 800-2000ppm. I’ve yet to get an answer as to how that chalk/limestone could have formed if the alarmists are correct about ‘ocean acidification’.

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