The Last And Ugliest Part Of The Scam

The Arctic sea ice scam is in its death throes, and now the climate criminals are focused on the Antarctic is going to melt and collapse and drown us all in 90 years scam.

Only problem is, Antarctica is getting colder and sea ice is increasing

ScreenHunter_360 Sep. 08 09.34

ScreenHunter_361 Sep. 08 09.42

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6 Responses to The Last And Ugliest Part Of The Scam

  1. John Edmondson says:

    Yes, but that is because the air is warmer, causing more snow, which causes more glacier calving, which causes more sea ice. Simple really.

  2. The Iconoclast says:

    Of course when the thing you’ve been pointing at as proof is no longer doing the thing you said proved it, you need to point to something else. You know, if you’re dishonest.

    It does seem odd that people are starting to point to Antarctica, where there’s already clear evidence it’s not doing what they say. Perhaps they think cooling in the north will have concomitant warming in the south, and they can ride that for a few years.

    I think they’ve lost the war, though. They’ll continue to cost many more fortunes but the world’s appetite for massively overpaying for so-called green energy is all but extinguished, barring a few suicidal localities such as California.

    • Ian W says:

      The world yes – the EPA and the European Commission -No. The entire raison d’etre of the EPA is to regulate and ‘Climate Change’ gave them job security that fits with their Malthusian world view. EPA will carry on ensuring that ‘prices necessarily sky rocket’ until they are dragged kicking and screaming from their offices. Similarly, there is an entire EU industry set up to milk EU citizens using ‘carbon taxes’. indeed they are this very week demanding that international aviation pay punitive carbon taxes and run emissions offset schemes or the EU will impose taxes on foreign aircraft flying in EU airspace.

      These non-governmental organizations running on ‘executive orders’ and European Commission regulations will NOT stop their regulation to stop global warming just because global warming has stopped and become global cooling.

  3. Bloke down the pub says:

    There’s this posted over at the mainstream last first site here ‘Mr. Solomon’s words echo what the elders told us and what we intuitively understood. The fact that this year’s summer ice will be 1.41 million square kilometres is sobering. To put in in perspective the area of British Columbia and Alberta combined is 1.6 million square kilometres. Climate change is happening and is being evidenced even during a cold year like we just experienced.’ I think they might be miss quoting Mr Solomon.

  4. Aurora Svant says:

    As soon as attention has shifted to Antarctica, we’re going to have a sudden stream of “adjustments” for temperatures, ice measurement algorithms “improvements” etc, until the actual trends are twisted enough to be reversed.

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