Another Global Warming Canary Freezes To Death

No Arctic warming for the past eight years, as CO2 has soared past 400 PPM.

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11 Responses to Another Global Warming Canary Freezes To Death

  1. And there is no sign of Arctic summer temperatures being above normal, when the GHG amplification should be strongest.

    • R. de Haan says:

      GHG amplification??????!!!!!!!!
      Uncontroversially, direct radiative warming at CO2 doubling will be the product of the instantaneous or Planck parameter[15] 0.31 K W–1 m2 and the CO2 radiative forcing[16] 5.35 ln 2: i.e., ~1.2 K. Models near-triple this value by temperature feedback amplification. Yet no feedback can be measured directly or determined theoretically. Feedbacks may even be net-negative.[17],[18

      This is the crux of the problem. CO2 is not a climate driver and Anthropogenic Global Warming is a non existing problem. Let alone it will affect the arctic. It’s all hog wash.

  2. Joseph says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, Steven. Are you sure that this “no warming over the last 8 years” stuff isn’t part of a long term warming trend? Just sayin’.

  3. Dispassionate scientist alert: “…soared past…” Actually, looking at the Mauna Loa graph of CO2, it shouldn’t finally “soar past” 400 ppm until 2016. Which doesn’t detract from the main point, the zero trend in arctic temperature.

    • Walt Allensworth says:

      Exactly so Harry.
      Hyperbole does not help the reasoned skeptic’s cause.
      The fact that the Warmista’s are so utterly amazingly wrong is proof enough.

  4. Jimbo says:

    What happened to Arctic amplification after the lowest extent on the satellite record?

  5. Ken Gregory says:

    RSS August is now out.
    Year Month Global
    2013 6 0.291
    2013 7 0.222
    2013 8 0.167

  6. Andy Oz says:

    Newsflash: WWF lists canary’s as an endangered species!
    With the closure of coal mines world wide, habitat destruction is proving fatal for the humble canary.

  7. SMS says:

    OK, I’m thinking you guys are missing the AGW GHG amplification signal. It occurred March 21 2010 at around 1:21 am. Once it had done it’s job, it was tired, very tired. We might see it in another 35 years when the PDO goes positive.

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