The Long Term Trend Towards Scientific Stupidity

Alarmists like Nuttercelli are hiding behind what they call “the long term trend” in Arctic ice, as a way to avoid a serious discussion about the 60% increase in ice this year.

ScreenHunter_404 Sep. 09 09.36

The first thing to note is that NSIDC starts their graph at the century maximum in 1979. In the early 1970s, sea ice was much less extensive than later in the decade. If NSIDC included the entire satellite record in their graph, it would look like a sine wave, not a straight line.

Another important issue is that plotting linear trends on short sections of a cyclical function – is junk science and mathematics. Even if August ice was at an all-time record high, the post-1979 linear trend would still be down, as shown in the demonstration purposes only graph below.

ScreenHunter_405 Sep. 09 09.38

Temperatures always move in one direction from July-January. Would anyone be stupid enough to extrapolate January-July temperatures based on the July-January slope?


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6 Responses to The Long Term Trend Towards Scientific Stupidity

  1. Joseph says:

    Nuttercelli and Kook have the same argument regarding the 20 year cooling: “But, but, it’s still part of a long term warming trend!!!1112!!*¥”

    • Long term warming trend, courtesy of the taxpayer funded data tampering hockey team.

    • Ben says:

      Steven and Joseph,

      RE: “Nuttercelli and Kook have the same argument regarding the 20 year cooling: “But, but, it’s still part of a long term warming trend”

      Which is part of an even longer term cooling trends Eemian to Holocene to present

      Funny how they stop going back in time once the meme is busted.

      You should register and redirect it here…

  2. minarchist says:

    This chart makes the case as well and would be interesting to update with the rebound through 2013.

  3. Kevin R. Lohse says:

    Can you have a serious discussion about one piece of data? We were all over the warmists when they used single events like Super Storm Sandy to ramp up the fear. I suggest that we would be as unscientific and hypocritical as they if we do the same over the 2013 polar ice cap.

  4. omnologos says:

    500 million years of climate history show it’s way too cold now

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