All Arctic Routes Blocked By Ice


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4 Responses to All Arctic Routes Blocked By Ice

  1. omanuel says:

    Thanks, Steven, for keeping us informed.

    Climategate was the first public exposure to decades of deception designed in 1945 to hide evidence neutron repulsion in cores of heavy atoms, stars and galaxies cause:

    Fragmentation, fission and neutron emission that becomes H-generation after n-decay.

    To save themselves and the world from nuclear annihilation after 1945, two falsehoods became standard, settled, 97%-consensus science:

    1. Neutrons attract, rather than repel, other neutrons.

    2. Stars consume, rather than generate, hydrogen.

    Both statements are empirically FALSE, i.e., falsified by observations.

    The vulnerability of mankind to nature has increased in direct proportion to the arrogance and overly inflated egos of scientists and world leaders since 1945.

    With kind regards, – Oliver K. Manuel Former NASA Princial Investigator for Apollo

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  2. Mohatdebos says:

    Is anyone keeping track of the Chinese ship that was going from China to the Netherlands through the Northeast Passage. And, the 400 other ships that were supposed to have been given permission by Russia to travel this route.

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