Greenpeace Presents Their Case Against Climate Skeptics

Greenpeace forecast an ice-free Arctic this year, and anyone who thinks Greenpeace is smoking crack obviously worked for the tobacco lobby in 1969.

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Dealing in Doubt | Greenpeace

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10 Responses to Greenpeace Presents Their Case Against Climate Skeptics

  1. Fred from Canuckistan . . . says:

    I expect to get inundated with Greensleeze fund raising emails in about 24 hours.

    Because it is up to me to save the planet from eeeeevil Co2

  2. Gina says:

    Greenpeace uses the age old projection tactic, falsely accusing others of the exact foul play they are actually guilty of.

  3. Climatism says:

    “The IPCC scientific assessment is a rigorous and robust process, one of the biggest organized scientific endeavours in the world, involving thousands of scientists in hundreds of research institutes around the world”

    Should read:

    “The IPCC grey-literature assessment is a flawed and robust lie, one of the biggest organized political scams in the world, involving thousands of eco-activists in hundreds of gravy-train, grant driven research institutes around the world”

    The United Nation’s WWF-IPCC-Greenpeace panel:

  4. NikFromNYC says:

    As as Columbia/Barnard students settled into a new semester all we had yesterday across Broadway from Tom’s Diner was a solitary silently swaying rastaman in an old frumpy “Stop Global Warming” t-shirt and a Greenpeace clipboard.

    The -=NikFromNYC=- Climate Denial Machine passed with a sly nod, blessing his nice glasses as he enjoyed the asses of the fine lasses going to classes, the neighborhood sex ratio now being three-to-one.

    The real Climate Denial Machine that terrorizes Greenpeace is a high resolution iPhone with a few bookmarks. It’s rewarding onto itself to delve into Earth science. Morbid curiosity is also a thrill, as the scam unwinds and Climatology cult members squirm yet continue to drag the whole left wing of politics further into ultimate face loss. Once the story of Marcott 2013 and Cook 2013 are popularized by book writers and documentary makers, the whole house of cards blows over because the academics involved fully promoted such obvious fraud.

  5. Fred from Canuckistan says:
  6. squid2112 says:

    I didn’t realize there was anyone who actually listened to anything Green Peace says, including the founder.

  7. Don says:

    I just exhaled! Should I turn myself in? Damn, I did it again and again……

  8. Jimbo says:

    I wonder what the WWF, the BBC and the climate campaigner Al Gore have to say about this?

    The BBC Pension fund, as at 31 March 2012, had investments in the following tobacco companies:
    British American Tobacco
    Imperial Tobacco
    Reynolds American
    Altria Group
    Philip Morris International

    Al Gore, the climate change campaigner, has been quoted in 1996 by the New York Times saying:

    “Throughout most of my life, I’ve raised tobacco,”……..”I want you to know that with my own hands, all of my life, I put it in the plant beds and transferred it. I’ve hoed it. I’ve chopped it. I’ve shredded it, spiked it, put it in the barn and stripped it and sold it.”

    Earlier in the same article the New York Times said:

    “Six years after Vice President Al Gore’s older sister died of lung cancer in 1984, he was still accepting campaign contributions from tobacco interests. Four years after she died, while campaigning for President in North Carolina, he boasted of his experiences in the tobacco fields and curing barns of his native Tennessee….”

    In 2007 the Union of Concerned Scientists issued a report called “ExxonMobil’s Tobacco-like Disinformation Campaign on Global Warming Science”.

    The Union of Concerned Scientists has in the past received funding from the Grantham Foundation, which is bankrolled by hedge-fund manager Jeremy Grantham. At the time of the funding the foundation had holdings in tobacco giant Philip Morris. In August of 2011 his fund owned millions of shares in fossil fuel companies such as Exxon Mobil.

    One of the founders of the wildlife and climate campaigning WWF is Dr. Anton Rupert. The now deceased Dr. Rupert made his fortune from the cigarette manufacturing company called Voorbrand, re-named Rembrandt, now consolidated into Rothmans.

  9. Justa Joe says:

    You meddling deniers are getting in the way of the leftists and their BIG CASH settlements from the fossil fuel industries.

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