Preview Of Obama’s Speech Tonight

I did this …. (repeat 39 times)

I did that …..

Thanks to me …..

Before I intervened ……

Sadly, I don’t have cable any more and won’t be able to see the speech. Fox Soccer Channel went off the air last week.

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9 Responses to Preview Of Obama’s Speech Tonight

  1. nomoregore says:

    Is the child emperor speaking somewhere? More importantly, will anyone tune in?

    He’s probably turned to FOX because he’s down to 3 viewers on the other 5 channels of Obamavision.

    This turkey may well self destruct without any help from conservatives. He’s close.

  2. I won’t be watching it either, because it would be like going to the zoo and watching the snakes and crocodiles. But you’re all wrong about the speech–it will be all lies (no set number, could be 39, could be 139, whatever he feels like telling at the moment, for however long his handlers let him go on and on).

  3. Climatism says:

    You got it Steve,
    I, i, i, i, I’ve, i’m, I, me, i know, i am, especially me, i will, i have

    blah blah blah

    The hypocrisy of the man:

    “I have always promoted a peaceful resolution”
    in the same sentence
    “a targeted strike” and “I don’t want to use force to destabilise a dictator”
    “a political solution”


    Confused Marxist crazy.

    • Climatism says:

      “I will delay a vote by congress to use force, while we maintain diplomacy efforts” – what an ass – he turns it on congress like he’s holding them back from ‘military force’

      Mind boggling

  4. I’d rather read than put up with arrogance and horse manure.

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