Syria Fiasco Gives Obama A Two Point Poll Boost

After making a complete fool out of himself during the last two weeks and being humiliated on the world stage by Putin, Obama gets a two point boost in his poll numbers up to 45%

ScreenHunter_462 Sep. 11 16.22

Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval

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7 Responses to Syria Fiasco Gives Obama A Two Point Poll Boost

  1. Shazaam says:

    What Gallup isn’t telling you is that they, like most creators of government statistics, changed their methodology on the fly to present a few more palatable options to those being surveyed.

    The following are the current Gallup poll questions:

    1. Do you approve of the job President Obomba is doing?
    2. Do you think President Obomba is a joke?
    3. Do you disapprove of the job President Obomba is doing?
    4. Are you indifferent or undecided?
    5. Don’t know who Obomba is?

    The results from questions 1 & 2 & 5 are combined and the sum is counted as those who approve of the job Obomba is doing. Gallup’s rationalization for this adjustment is that those who think Obomba is a joke are at least being entertained, and therefore thus must approve of the job he is doing. Gallup assumes that those who don’t know who Obomba is, must be receiving federal assistance and would therefore automatically approve of their benefactor-in-chief.

    Question 3 is counted as those who disapprove.

    Question 4 is counted as undecided.

    Now do the numbers make sense?

  2. beowulftoo says:

    Danial Pipes wrote (in part) “That Obama seems driven to defend his own honor and credibility, regardless of cost, makes this episode particularly troublesome. A great country finds itself held hostage to the ego of a small man.
    In short, Americans are finally starting to see the consequences of electing and re-electing arguably the worst politician in modern times to inhabit the White House, consequences will only become more apparent in the years ahead. (September 11, 2013)”

  3. pissed off says:

    How gullible is this younger generation?

    • Even Bill O’Reilly still takes Obama seriously, and “gives him the benefit of the doubt” at every turn. The sad truth is that the Insane Left is at war with America, and everyone is afraid to recognize that; that’s why the Republicans seem so inept.

    • Mike D says:

      They know that Medicare will be bankrupt and Social Security will give them a negative return by the time they’re eligible, if it still exists. And they can see in real time countries like Greece defaulting on its debt due to unsustainable social handouts. Yet they overwhelmingly supported the new entitlement of Obamcare and Obama. Obamacre is even more skewed toward the older generations than Medicaid and Social Security since they’ll be paying higher premiums and hidden taxes their whole lives.

      I’d say pretty gullible.

  4. phodges says:

    ummm…no one asked me

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