Shock News : Obama Lied About Being A Supporter Of Coal

Last autumn, Obama was worried that he would lose Ohio and Pennsylvania. So he lied to the people of those states, and then stabbed them in the back right after the election. (The 104% vote for Obama in Philadelphia helped too.)

ruining the atmosphere is too high a price for protecting one type of power when others are available.

Bloomberg News to US coal industry: Knuckle under to Obama climate rules or ‘die’ |

At some point, voters need to stop staring into the headlights – and start using their brains.


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9 Responses to Shock News : Obama Lied About Being A Supporter Of Coal

  1. Don says:

    Ours is a drugged up society. Illegal and legal drugs. This isn’t the electorate that we had in 1980.

    The NWO in charge.

    • Andy Oz says:

      Baseball, NFL, Monster Trucks, NASCAR, WWF, Cage fighting are all legal drugs producing a soporific state of mind. “Bread and circuses” work as effctively now as they did 2000 years ago feeding the mob of Rome. Take those away and there would be mass riots across America that would make the Vietnam protests look like a mothers club morning tea. There is no chance that ‘the people” will wake from their comatose state and the DC totalitarians know it. They keep the bread and circuses coming. It is slavery in plain sight- economic, mental and physical slavery. Australia is much the same with AFL, cricket, Rugby, soccer, V8 touring cars, etc. Just enough Aussies woke up last weekend to get rid of the Labor Party morons, but they’ll be back to sleep now.

      • Andy Oz says:

        Check out the background clips in Pearl Jam’s new song.
        This will reach 10’s of millions worldwide. Neurological programming in plain sight.

  2. Robertv says:

    Ted Nugent and Peter Schiff Talk Gun Control

  3. Eric Simpson says:

    Yes, he sure as hell did lie, of course I thought that was obvious to everyone, but we lost because we nominated the irksome bozo Romney. Romney’s smirking mush-headed issue skirting character was the most irksome thing, but on gwarming and coal in particular, Romney never fully recanted his support of the warmists’ theory, and when Romney ran ads trying to call Obanzo out on his anti-coal agenda, Obama simply responded with an ad showing Romney in front of a (coal) plant screaming ~ “This plant kills people. We close down plants that kill people.” Kind of like when GHWBush (GBush senior) tried to say in 1992 that Bill Clinton would raise your taxes, Bill just laughed and repeated GHWB’s “no new taxes” pledge that GHWB violated so egregiously.
    Today is the Friday the 13th.
    Something bad has got to happen, or I’ll be sorely disappointed.

    • Andy DC says:

      I am not overly confident that anything will get much better in 2016. The Republican Party is supposed to be the conservative party, but they seem to always nominate uninspiring “moderates”.

      • Eric Simpson says:

        Yes, but what if they nominate an inspiring moderate? “Inspiring moderate” I think is an oxymoron, and excitement and enthusiasm is the key to victory. And that’s the problem with those that are pushing the “defer to the ‘experts'” Christie right now. And on the surprisingly important issue of climate change, we can predict that Christie’s position will become more and more muddled and ambiguous like Romney’s agw stance. And that will appeal to no one. We need someone that stands up and says agw is “absolute crap” like Tony Abbot said in Austrailia, and he won with that!!!

    • gator69 says:

      Another problem with the electorate, giving any credence to political ads. Romney was one of the best candidates to run in a very long time. But most people had no idea, because they watched ads instead of doing their due diligence as citizens and getting educated.

    • Justa Joe says:

      Romney was a decent candidate. He should have won. It’s the electorate’s fault if a storm can affect the results of an election.

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