Why Does Boulder Have Boulders?

Some of my fondest memories of the kids when they were small, was them playing on the boulders in Boulder Creek outside the Boulder library

ScreenHunter_540 Sep. 13 17.22

How did those massive rounded rocks get there? Countless floods over the eons have come down the canyon out of the mountains, with a force strong enough to move 1,000 lb rocks.

It blows me away to see climate morons claiming that flooding in Boulder is due to man-made CO2. They are stupider than the witch burners in The Holy Grail.

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4 Responses to Why Does Boulder Have Boulders?

  1. GeologyJim says:

    Hike up to NCAR mesa (home office of Kevvy Trenberth, Susan Solomon, Caspar “the Ghost Paper” Ammann, and the rest of the IPCC darlings) and see some truly spectacular blocks of Fountain Formation sandstone that “mysteriously” got transported from the Flatirons to the pediment surface that underlies the NCAR mesa.

    Gee, how did that happen? These sandstone blocks are the size of “affordable housing” units in the People’s Republic of Boulder. Musta been some damn big “extreme climate events” to move them thar boulders, long before Ford invented the Expedition.

  2. John B., M.D. says:

    Very pretty. Does flooding put those support posts at risk?

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