In Praise Of NASA

In 1977 NASA launched Voyager 1, which is still travelling 38,000 MPH and sending a strong signal back from outside the Solar System.

Now NASA devotes their energy to convincing people that a harmless gas is going to destroy the planet

August 5, 2013

This year “will without a doubt” rank in the top five lowest levels of ice extent ever recorded in the satellite era, and there is a good possibility that 2013 could rank second in terms of recorded ice lows, said Walt Meier (now at NASA.)

I’m 97% certain that Walt is not a prophet, and that his attempt at prophecy was a spectacular flop.

ScreenHunter_555 Sep. 14 04.05

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut


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11 Responses to In Praise Of NASA

  1. Chuck says:

    I thought this yesterday when I read Voyager left the solar system. I miss the NASA of space exploration.

  2. Andy DC says:

    Walt is paid handsomely to spew the party line.

  3. stewart pid says:

    Heres hoping that up tick on the graph is the end of the melt season and we get to enjoy watching a seriously hard freeze up of the kind that will render Reggie’s blow torch permanently in a state of erectile dysfunction.

  4. Robert Austin says:

    At one time, Dr. Meier seemed to be one of the saner voices at NOAA, at least compared to “spiral of death” Dr. Mark Sereze. Now at NASA, Dr.Meier appears to have contracted the brain rot from unprotected congress with rabid warmists.

  5. Hugh K says:

    Thanks Denmark. But I’m 97% sure Walt hasn’t found a ‘fault’/adjusted for’ with the NASA dataset yet. Mann may be slinking in a corner of the professor’s lounge but his ‘Trick’ is not.
    Unfortunately, the question is not; where are American journalists covering this current ice phenomena? – their working for the Obama Administration now. Time to Mann up Revkin.

    • Simon says:

      Talking of Mann, he seems to have been keeping a very low profile recently. Perhaps he’s saving himself up for the AR5 release when he’ll no doubt come out all guns blazing, and make a complete fool of himself. One can only hope 🙂

  6. Anything is possible says:

    August 5, 2013

    This year “will without a doubt” rank in the top five lowest levels of ice extent ever recorded in the satellite era, and there is a good possibility that 2013 could rank second in terms of recorded ice lows, said Walt Meier (now at NASA.)


    IJIS showed a slight uptick in extent from 4,809,208 to 4,820,939 sq km. yesterday.

    If 4 809 208 holds up as the minimum, it will be the sixth lowest level of ice extent ever recorded in the satellite era. So much for “without a doubt.”

  7. Jason Calley says:

    “This year “will without a doubt” rank in the top five lowest levels of ice extent ever recorded in the satellite era”

    Ah yes. That new form of logical argumentation — “proof by certainty.” I am sure that the Heaven’s Gate crew are “without a doubt” riding a comet right at this moment.

  8. F. Guimaraes says:

    We’re entering the 2nd phase of the recovery, the next winter will be crucial for what follows. Even if the minimum of 2014 only repeats 2013 it’ll be another great victory.
    The alarmist need the Arctic ice oscillations, if they stop AGW is over.

  9. Rosco says:

    Climate scientists just love to use the “Space is Cold” claim to explain how greenhouse gases protect us from the freezing “horror” just above our atmosphere – this despite the solar constant of ~1370 W/sqm solar radiation at Earth’s orbit around the Sun.

    What I want explained is how Voyager has maintained its electrical circuits in working condition since it passed Saturn in 1980 in the freezing “cold” of space.

    Saturn is subject to solar radiation of ~15 W/sqm and has a calculated blackbody temperature of about 81.1 Kelvin or minus ~192 C.

    How long would any electrical circuit last if plunged into liquid nitrogen ?

    The potential for generating electrical energy from 1970’s technology from the tiny amounts of solar power available is insignificant surely yet it has been travelling for a further 33 years away from the Sun through areas of space where the backgeound radiation is tiny – Neptune receives a tiny 1.51 W/sqm solar radiation and has a blackbody calculated temperature of 46.6 Kelvin.

    Where can I buy batteries like those ?

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