The Specious Long Term Trend

Our friends keep pointing out that current Arctic ice gains are irrelevant, because the trend since the peak in 1979 is down.

This argument is ridiculous. In order to break the post 1979 downwards trend, the summer minimum would have necessarily had to have been over 21 million km². Even the sudden onset of an ice age wouldn’t break the post-1979 trend for several years.

ScreenHunter_580 Sep. 14 14.34


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24 Responses to The Specious Long Term Trend

  1. hazze says:

    Now lets say my house has been standing for hundred years an suddenly it burnt down…is it kinda still standing in respect to the long term trend ?

  2. I think they are hoping it will trend down again in the future.

  3. matayaya says:

    One year is hardly a trend, especially if the the 30 year trend still has your one year “60 percent” increase in Arctic still way lower than when the 30 year trend began. Clever graph though with the large area keeping the downward trend line looking rather flat. You would never want to discuss volume vs area would you?

  4. greg says:

    My $2billion computer said Arctic ice will go massively up in 2053, so give me TAX money to stop it!

  5. The hockeystick lives!

    When Mann produced his highly specious hockeystick representation of global warming it was praised to the heavens and the long term trend was irrelevant. Now that the exact same configuration is found in the REAL data for arctic ice cover, it is the long term trend that counts.

    Isn’t it “special” how the climate catastrophe gang pretend they can have it both ways?

  6. Brad says:

    When I hear the Last Nail in the Coffin of CAGW, or this proves CAGW is a farce and junk science or the all the other terms used, people like matayaya show up and are prevalent on other blogs and comments sections of Yahoo weather and such. There will never be a final nail in the coffin or proof that CAGW does not exist as long as individuals such as matayaya are in existence.

  7. slimething says:

    Has anyone checked on Neven lately? I’m concerned about his mental health when depression set in once he realized just how wrong the “experts” were about 2013 reducing the Arctic to an ice cube.

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