Ehrlich – Affordable Energy Is As Deadly As James Holmes

Giving society cheap, abundant energy … would be the equivalent of giving an idiot child a machine gun.

– Paul Ehrlich, “An Ecologist’s Perspective on Nuclear Power”, May/June 1978 issue of Federation of American Scientists Public Issue Report

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12 Responses to Ehrlich – Affordable Energy Is As Deadly As James Holmes

  1. Chewer says:

    The thought of an idiot child with a machine gun was one of the best dreams he ever had.
    His idea of “The Good Earth” has always included less people and the means to that end are not important.

  2. Bill says:

    Not very PC of him either, was it? I guess that was before PC.

  3. SMS says:

    Ehrlich got his PHD in voodoo philosophy. He keeps relying on chicken bones and pig guts to make his predictions. This man keeps showing over and over again how wrong one man can be. Kinda like our president.

    • billyjack says:

      Actually I think his PHD is in entomology and his expertise is butterflies. Certainly qualifies him to be a population control freak since he like most in the religion of global warming are cockroaches.

      • Karl W. Braun says:

        I have a copy of his book, “How to know the Butterflies”, which he was kind enough to sign in 1961, when he was doing what he did best.

  4. Archie Donahue says:

    Is there any way to get more “Data on your “Posts”, I click on “Read more of this post” on any of your stories & I get the same page that I was on when I clicked on it with the opportunity to click on it again & again & again. I don’t have that “Problem” with any of the many “News Letters” that I subscribe to. I have “Never” had more than 1 or 2 lines of your “Stories”. I get quite a few of your “Emails” every day & have “Never” gotten more than your “Headlines”. I assume that more of the “Story” would be “Interesesting” if it was available. . .                                                       Clyde Rhomburg

  5. PaddikJ says:

    In a half-sane society, Ehrlich would be known, if at all, as the drooling village crank.

  6. Larry Fields says:

    It’s shameless self-promotion time again. I disagree strongly with Ehrlich. Here’s a link to my long, boring article about population at HubPages.

  7. Kaboom says:

    Interesting that he could use the word idiot without the PC police going over his ass with a cheese grater. Oh wait, he’s a leftie icon, never mind.

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