You Have Got To Love Their Sense Of Humor

Our friends started the fake “1,000 year” flood rumor which is all over the news, and now they want us to believe that they didn’t do it. Same plausible deniability story which happens with every unusual weather event – start a wildly exaggerated rumor, and then claim innocence.

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8 Responses to You Have Got To Love Their Sense Of Humor

  1. Andy DC says:

    No matter how obvious your sarcasm is, somebody will always take you seriously.

  2. Jason Calley says:

    Let me explain it so that you guys can understand better. These floods are 1,000 year floods. They have been happening every twenty years or so as far as back as we have records. The fact that we have 1,000 year floods every 20 years PROVES that they are not natural, therefore they must be caused by CO2. Malicious, omnipotent, time traveling CO2.

    It is simple, but don’t be embarrassed if you didn’t understand before. I never could understand either, not until I started doubling up on my daily meds. Now I see it clearly. Very clearly. Clear beyond a shadow of doubt.

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