How Fast Can Professional Climate Fraudsters Spin A Story?

This article was published three weeks ago

Flooding? In 1965, Colorado got nailed By Barry Noreen

Published: August 17, 2013

Has it really been that wet? As often as it has rained this summer and as much tragedy and damage have been wrought by flooding, precipitation for Colorado Springs for the year to date is about 11 inches. On average, 12.4 inches of precipitation fall by this date.

In 1965, it rained more than 12 inches in one day – two days in a row in some places. The history puts this summer’s flooding in perspective.

On June 17, 1965, an estimated 14 inches of rain fell in Falcon. Along the Palmer Divide, the same slow-moving storm dropped 12 inches in just three hours. The day before, nearby Larkspur and Palmer Lake received 14 inches of rain in four hours.

Similar biblical rainfall occurred elsewhere along the Front Range. The ground was so saturated that the flooding became catastrophic on both sides of the Palmer Divide. The flooding in Colorado Springs and Denver was so severe it’s described in a report prepared by the National Center for Atmospheric Research, which provided an overview of the six-day period between June 14-20, 1965: “The flood reached the South Platte River and the metropolitan areas of Denver by about 8 p.m. on June 16. The floodwaters spread to a half-mile or more in width. The peak discharge of the South Platte at Denver was 183 percent of the previous maximum during 67 years of record and historical information indicates that the 1965 discharge was the greatest since at least 1844.”

Flooding? In 1965, Colorado got nailed

The 1965 storms produced more rain and produced it a lot faster than this week’s storms. And here we are just three weeks later with the climate scamsters (Cullen, McKibben, etc.) claiming that the recent storms were the worst in history.


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5 Responses to How Fast Can Professional Climate Fraudsters Spin A Story?

  1. John B., M.D. says:

    WTF do the fraudsters mean when they mention the term “biblical”? Do they mean “unprecedented” or something.

    The liberals love to bash religion unless they choose to use it to scare people into adopting their liberal agenda (in this case, the green tax-and-spend, anti-economic growth, pro-crony agenda).

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