How To Identify A Crook

A crook tells you that the planet is overheating, the polar icecaps are melting, and that it will be the greatest calamity of all time unless you give them money – but when presented with evidence that the calamity isn’t happening – they get very upset.

That is a strange way to react to the best news ever.

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6 Responses to How To Identify A Crook

  1. jack b :-) says:

    A single crook told us that we MUST keep printing money and that we MUST not put a cap on the debt ceiling in order to save the country/the world – from bush, et al. Many reasonable people on the flip-side, who represent us folks, want to reign in deficit spending and simply reduce the tax load on both the folks and businesses in order to stimulate the economy – which printing/digitizing TRILLIONS of dollars over 5 years has NOT done – the same tried and true way BOTH sides have used in the past, but… this crook just gets angry. At something that would almost certainly bolster the crook’s legacy from the worst of his kind in the entire history of mankind to an at least middle-of-the-pack dude, but… he says he won’t negotiate with the other side (domestically speaking).

    What’s a normal working schmuck or schmuckette to think?

    • When he believes he won’t win with negotiation, he sets a moral red line–ho-ho-ho–and refuses to negotiate. This makes him a tyrant (also known as a spoiled child). But when he is faced with losing anyway–and being soley responsible in the eyes of the world–at the last minute he says he was for negotiation all along. This makes him a coward (also known as a fearful child). Any schmuck should understand he is a spoiled, fearful child.

      But when half the country are spoiled, fearful children…

  2. Andy Oz says:

    Julia Gillard saved the world with the Australian carbon tax.
    The planet has cooled and the ice returned since it was introduced.
    Her best mates were so happy that they knifed her and the Australian people sacked them all. You just can’t please alarmists. They lose their life’s meaning if the world is fine.

  3. darrylb says:

    In the MSM, bad news is good news and good news is no news!

  4. philjourdan says:

    Faster way – just look for a D behind their name.

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