I’m 5% Less Popular Than Bush Jr!

ScreenHunter_661 Sep. 17 13.57

Fox News Official Polls | Fox News

GWB had 45% approval at this point in his second term.

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7 Responses to I’m 5% Less Popular Than Bush Jr!

  1. R. de Haan says:

    There are a lot seriously confused people in the USA including the President.

  2. Latitude says:

    …I hope you guys realize when you go out, almost half the people you see

    ..are total friggin nut jobs!!

  3. gator69 says:

    From Drudge…

    “Ritrovato went on to explain that two of them had a close relationship based in part on their differences, specifically race and politics. Alexis was black, Ritrovato is white. Ritrovato described himself as conservative and Alexis is “more of a liberal type” who supported Barack Obama:

    I would say things like, ‘You know, you are my brother from another mother.’ And he would say things like, ‘You’re my Italian mafia guy from New York.’ So we had things we joked about: Aaron wasn’t conservative like I am. He was more of a liberal type; he wasn’t happy with the former [Bush] administration. He was more happy with this [the Obama] administration — as far as presidential administrations.”

    At least he hasn’t lost his base, his sons.

  4. Eric Barnes says:

    Just think what the approval of the white half of Obama is compared to the black half.

  5. pinroot says:

    Ever notice how much these guys age while in office? Apparently doing evil takes a lot out of a person.

  6. NikFromNYC says:

    On the decadently over intellectual Upper West Side the evening dining crowd is all about the sudden popularity of Orwell’s 1984 on Amazon.com. No derangement like during the Bush years but a pot stirring heightened sense of cynical edge is awash as wool replaces cotton where apartments cost a million bucks but the city counselors keep foisting surprise real estate deals that turn into massive homeless shelters with marble columns and rat poison is not used since the bird watchers protested. Luckily I’m above it all, where two colleges have their own patrol cars.

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