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2006 Shock News : Global Warming To Dry Up Colorado

Boulder scientist has grim drought forecast for West Published on September 20, 2006 Future Western droughts could last an average of 12 years, spanning half of the region and severely reducing Colorado River flows that supply millions of people, according … Continue reading

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Learning To Think Like A Top Climate Scientist

Natural variability has hidden the global warming signal over the last 15 years. The evidence is overwhelming that man made CO2 now dominates the climate. Can you pass the reefer please?

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Learning To Think Like Bill McKibben

The universe is spinning out of control! The odds of any lottery ticket winning are millions to one, yet in recent years we have had dozens of lottery winners per year. We know that the world is out of control, … Continue reading

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Eminem Scientists Announce That We Are No Longer In An Ice Age

Case for climate change is overwhelming, say scientists There are no longer any glaciers in Chicago! Eleven days before the IPCC publishes its latest report, a group of eminent scientists says there is massive evidence of human responsibility Indeed, snow … Continue reading

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CNN Says That We Need To Repeal The Second Amendment Based On Misinformation

The sources, who have detailed knowledge of the investigation, cautioned that initial information that an AR-15 was used in the shootings may have been incorrect. Regardless, the massacre pushed the AR-15 back into the gun-control debate. The weapon has been … Continue reading

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Basic Logic For AGW Simpletons

Twitter / suzyji: via @noaa – August 2013 was …

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Latest View Of Holdren’s Ice-Free Winter

Barrow Sea Ice Webcam

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A New Gun Control Law I Can Support

Let’s not let medicated paranoid schizophrenic people with a history of gun violence and a dishonorable discharge from the military, have access to security clearances or military weaponry stored at military bases.

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What Are The Odds Of The Lottery Being Won This Week?

The odds of you winning the lottery are extremely small. The odds of somebody winning the lottery are quite good. NOAA has adopted the scam of conflating the two statistics, i.e. The odds of a 6 inch daily rain this … Continue reading

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Internet Takes A Leap Forward

You can remove all references to the one who must not be named, by installing this extension in Chrome Chrome Web Store – No Cyrus

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