White House : Still Bush’s Fault

Obama saved us by giving a trillion dollars to his banker friends.

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That’s the lens through which President Obama saw his responsibilities, and it’s a consistent theme in all the stories we’ve collected. Every decision he made was meant to stop the economy from spiraling out of control, put people back to work, and reverse the trends that had buffeted middle class for decades. 

Obama did reverse the trends. He replaced steady below 5% unemployment under Bush, with 7.6% chronic unemployment and the weakest recovery of all time.

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12 Responses to White House : Still Bush’s Fault

  1. gator69 says:

    My mother is still recovering from her GM investment that the Fraudster ‘n Thief stole in a most unconstitutional manner, in order to buy, and buy off the unions.

    • slimething says:

      My uncle lost $300,000 from the GM “bailout” (for unions). Obama threw out 400 years of established law by illegally throwing secured investors under the bus.

      • gator69 says:

        In a just world, Obama would be breaking rocks, at best. I tried to get my parents to sell their stock in GM long before Skeeter took office, as I saw it as a risky investment for anyone, let alone retired veterans. Little did I know that we would elect a “man” who would f*ck hard working investors, and smile at the cameras as he shredded the founding documents that built the greatest dream of all mankind.

        I hope your uncle is doing well.

  2. RoryBellows says:

    TARP was under Bush. Unemployment was 7.8% when Bush left.

    • Obama jumped right in there as the champion of TARP in order to look presidential.

      Unemployment was 6.1% when Obama got elected, and then he spent the next two months talking the economy down so that he could push his trillion dollar crony payoff through.

    • gator69 says:

      “Before inauguration. Senator Obama voted for the budgets he would later blame on Bush, and for the TARP bailout. After just two months of TARP, the Bush administration said it was done — crisis averted. In fact, President Bush was done after using about $270 billion of the $350 B that was authorized by Congress. But as a courtesy to the incoming president, Bush would request the second $350B from Congress if President-Elect Obama asked for it.

      President-Elect Obama asked for it, and he got it. Tim Geithner, who could not do his own taxes and who, as a regulator, did nothing about the Libor scandal, would have all $700B to play with.”


    • Latitude says:

      remind me again when did Democrats take over the check book/Congress…
      …and Pelosi become speaker

      Every thing must be perfect now….because they promised to lower gas prices, balance the budget, have the most transparent, etc

      • cdquarles says:

        January 2007, following the 06 mid-terms, was when the D controlled House was sworn in, with Rep Pelosi becoming the Speaker.

    • Latitude says:

      the TARP program was signed into law on Oct. 3, 2008
      Bush could not do it without Congress…and Congress was owned by the democrats and Pelosi….their hands were all over it
      It passed with full democrat approval

      If the democrats are so smart….why did they allow it?

  3. Pathway says:

    The U 6 is 14.6%. Black teenage rate is over 50%. History has recorded this a the Obama Depression.

  4. Jason Calley says:

    Democrats vs Republicans, Republicans vs Democrats… sigh…

    They BOTH are responsible. They wrestle each other on TV for the slack jawed fans to cheer, but they hang out at the same clubs, their children marry each other, and the party leaders trade pork back and forth like idiot children with baseball cards.

    Of COURSE Obama took advantage of the TARP money, passed by Dems and signed into law by a Republican. Of COURSE Bush never enforced the illegal alien laws, even when he had a Republican Congress to back him. Of course they both want desperately to disarm any free citizens who might resist them. I could go on… Republican Nixon created the despised EPA and opened up China. Peace loving Democrats started wars to kill millions overseas.

    Throw them all into the woods.

    PS. I am still an optimist for America. At least now it is difficult for the politicians to hide their lies! That is a huge improvement!

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