The Press Wouldn’t Intentionally Spread Misinformation, Would They?

Three days ago they were telling us that as many as a thousand people may have been killed in the floods.

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Colorado floods: A look at the flooding aftermath in Longmont |

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9 Responses to The Press Wouldn’t Intentionally Spread Misinformation, Would They?

  1. matayaya says:

    Who is “they’? I’m sure your favorite press is all over the map with stuff all the time. There is no news here. You always looking for enemies, maybe just look in the mirrow.

  2. Shazaam says:

    The press is as trustworthy as the government.

    I mean look at all the deaths and property damage Fish Hurricane Humberto left in it’s path!! A true disaster!!!

    And Hurricane Ingrid!! What a monster that was!!!

    2 massive CO2 fueled 2013 hurricanes so far with many more on the way!!!

    • matayaya says:

      So those unscrupulous human beings got nothing better to do with their lives than to sit around and invent frauds just to po folks like you.

      • Shazaam says:

        I have no idea if they do or do not have anything better to do.

        My point was that sensationalism sells. So the boys and girls in the new-reading business will sensationalize anything they can.

        One lies and a thousand others swear it’s true!!!! Thus the 1000 people authorities couldn’t reach due to phone service disruptions become “1000 people feared missing or dead in Colorado flood!!!!” Pure bunko hype. And no one bothered to check the facts of basis for the report before joining in on the hype. That’s why I call them presstitutes instead of journalists.

        A true journalist might question the rating of Humberto and Ingrid as hurricanes. A news reader will make the most of it and speculate endlessly about the death and destruction those storms might produce. The modern press is packed with news readers / presstitutes who never question what they are told.

        Facts are a mere inconvenience. Otherwise the CAGW scam would have folded long ago. Public school indoctrination does indeed quash the urge to question.

        • matayaya says:

          And the media you trust never sensationalizes or gets things wrong? From my side of the fence, it is far more egregious on your side.

        • squid2112 says:

          Sides? who the F is talking about sides? What the F are you talking about?

          Weren’t you the one who just recently accused Gator of “politicizing” these discussions? And now you are talking about sides! … Here is a memo for you, you F’ing dolt! … YOU are politicizing! … freaking idiot.

  3. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    Shipping News, excellent movie

    “Billy: It’s finding the center of your story, the beating heart of it, that’s what makes a reporter. You have to start by making up some headlines. You know: short, punchy, dramatic headlines. Now, have a look, what do you see?

    [Points at dark clouds at the horizon]

    Billy: Tell me the headline.

    Quoyle: Horizon Fills With Dark Clouds?

    Billy: Imminent Storm Threatens Village.

    Quoyle: But what if no storm comes?

    Billy: Village Spared From Deadly Storm.

  4. limogerry says:

    it’s hard to kill a mountain man!

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