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Industrial Bull Farming At Heidi Central

Twitter / afreedma: It took a 1-in-1,000 yr rainstorm …

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Learning How To Think Like A Boulder Progressive

Colorado has suffered a lot of property damage this summer because people have building houses in places which burn and/or flood. Solution : stop Keystone from running through Nebraska.

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PIOMAS Expert Moves His Comedy Act South

In a bit of strange and unprecedented good news, it was recently discovered Antarctic sea ice is growing at record rates. This is definitely odd, of course, because the air and the oceans have been getting warmer in the area. … Continue reading

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Boulder’s Flood Was A 25-50 Year Flood, Not A 1,000 Year Flood

Roger Pielke Jr. explains : Boulder did not actually experience a “1,000-year flood.” In fact, according to an analysis presented by fellow CU faculty member John Pitlick yesterday, using standard hydrological methods, Boulder experienced between a 25- and 50-year flood. … Continue reading

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Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

Since President Obama took office, the number of hurricanes, tornadoes and forest fires has dropped dramatically. He promised to heal the planet, and now he can retire to Guantanamo in peace once the Benghazi details come out.

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Shock News : More Western Arctic Sea Ice Than 1981

Western Arctic ice coverage is higher than 1981, and is almost back to “normal.” 20130916180000_CVCHACTWA_0007271338.gif (1100×850)

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Universe Spiraling Out Of Control

The odds of any point on Earth being hit by a meteor are billions to one, yet Earth gets hit by meteors tens of thousands of times a year. Billion to one occurrences are the new normal, and they directly … Continue reading

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