Climate Scum Continue To Ramp Up The Lies

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The 1,000-Year Flood: Did Global Warming Worsen Colorado’s Unprecedented Rainfall? | Democracy Now!

Colorado has had numerous heavier rainfalls, and the flood never reached 100 year flood stage, much less 1,000 year.

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The Milwaukee Journal – Google News Archive Search

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03 Jun 1935 – TRAGIC FLOODS In United States. 250 REPORTED DRO…

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03 Jun 1935 – FLOODS IN MOUNTAINS Loss of Life in Colorado COL…

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ScreenHunter_626 Sep. 16 10.13


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Article – Untitled Article

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3 Responses to Climate Scum Continue To Ramp Up The Lies

  1. Don says:

    This is stupidly amazing in its arrogance: JIM PULLEN: The flood of 1976 and — the big Thompson flood in 1976 and also we’ve had very severe fires over the past several years. But the extent of the storm is unprecedented. And it wasn’t — couldn’t be planned for in Boulder. And in adjacent areas.

  2. Latimer Alder says:

    Seriously folks, think about why it was called ‘Boulder Creek’ in the first place.

    And in UK if you build in ‘Water Lane’ or ‘Marsh Road’ or ‘Fenland Avenue’, beware the onset of water.

    History tells us things.

  3. Mona says:

    The flood is no laughing matter, but Pullen’s comments are hysterical – or should I say hysteria?

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