Goddard’s First Law Of Firearms

If everyone was armed, mass shootings could never occur


“The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed.”

– Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist Papers at 184-188

“I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials.”

— George Mason, in Debates in Virginia Convention on Ratification of the Constitution, Elliot, Vol. 3, June 16, 1788


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14 Responses to Goddard’s First Law Of Firearms

  1. pinroot says:

    “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.” – Robert A. Heinlein

  2. Edmonton Al says:

    Obummer wants to ban guns, and as you said, also pressure cookers.
    Don’t forget 3D printers. They can print plastic guns.

  3. minarchist says:

    At an Apple Store in Geneva, Switzerland: Guy with a Sig 550. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-FwsQNSnkH5Q/ThLdjOG76aI/AAAAAAAAAPw/BQfifkRYdfc/s320/Apple+Store+assault+rifle+lr.jpg

    The only gun law we need now is a ban on gun-free zones.

    • Glacierman says:

      No kidding. After yesterday’s announcement by Starbucks, how long till they get targeted? They just told everyone there will be no armed intervention in one of their stores.

      But they are not anti gun, or anti second amendment!
      I would say I would quit going there but I already don’t.

  4. OT: Steve, you’re probably aware of this, but here is a HUGE trove of summarized historical sea ice information:

  5. Ben says:

    RE: “If everyone was armed, mass shootings could never occur”

    I would add to that: Everyone, everywhere. When there are exceptions to everywhere, then you still get gun-free zones, a mass murderer’s favorite hangout.

    Case in point : Switzerland. Their homicide-to-gun-ownership ratio is the lowest in the civilized world.

    But that didn’t stop Friedrich Leibacher from committing mass murder, because he knew that the canton’s parliament was a gun free zone. If those killed in the Zug massacre had been armed, you would have heard “One idiot shot dead”, a non-story.


  6. oeman50 says:

    Some of the marines at the Navy Yard said they could have taken the guy out after 3 were shot “if we had bullets for our weapons.”

    A gun without bullets is a stick. Thank you Bill Clinton.

    • Jason Calley says:

      Thank you Bill Clinton, and George Bush and Barack Obama. Remember that either Bush or Obama could have rescinded Clinton’s order — but both chose not to.

      • Jason Calley says:

        Oh! Oeman50, in case I was not clear, that is a sarcastic “thank you” from me, just as it was from you. I agree completely with the point you made, I just wanted to point out that that the anti-weapon mindset is a bipartisan evil.

  7. Don says:

    Why did the Watch Commander stand down the DC SWAT Team? Lives were lost because of that.
    The perp wrote ELF Weapon on his shotgun, so maybe he really was hearing things. See –>

    These new weapons were disclosed in documents authored and compiled by the United States Air Force. The Air Force documents indicate that these weapons can be used for mind control, inducing heart attacks, causing electronic failures and creating computer malfunctions. More recently these new weapons have been revealed in International Red Cross documents and in other press reports. In a CBS – 60 Minutes broadcast on February 11, 1996 a report on some of these new systems was shown. The program discussed some of the effects of these new weapons which included disorientation and “flu-like symptoms”.

  8. Robert Austin says:

    And not everyone has to be carrying. If only one in five were carrying there would still be lots of firepower in a small crowd to counter a threat and the perpetrators would have no idea who was armed. I think that would be more daunting than facing a readily identified swat team. But there is a mindset amongst the gun grabbers that the ideal populace should be indistinguishable from sheep.

  9. Jason Calley says:

    @ Robert Austin “If only one in five were carrying there would still be lots of firepower in a small crowd to counter a threat and the perpetrators would have no idea who was armed.”

    That is an important point, and it brings me to a side issue. If you are ever discussing “gun control” with an acquaintance who is a supporter of disarming the populace, ask him the following question. “You say that you do not believe in average citizens carrying weapons. If you and I are ever together somewhere and are attacked, I may be armed at the time. Do you want me to defend you as well as myself? Or should I tell the attacker, ‘You can rob or kill my friend if you wish and I will not interfere, but if you threaten me, I will shoot you.’?”

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