Politically Correct Lunacy

ScreenHunter_711 Sep. 18 22.36

the attackers tried to film the attack whilst chanting “Allahu Akbar” – God is Great.

During May, an unarmed British soldier was hacked to death in front of his barracks, because no one at the base was armed.

ScreenHunter_712 Sep. 18 22.41

This week, 13 people were killed at a US Navy base, because the Marines were not allowed to have bullets.

One might conclude that the governments of the US and UK are run by lunatics.

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3 Responses to Politically Correct Lunacy

  1. kbray in california says:

    I conclude that Global Warming causes fewer bullets and fewer brain cells.

  2. Religious war. The first hints were the Black Muslims in the ’60s, and name changes like Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali. By 1972, it was out in the open, in my mind at least, with the massacre of the Israeli Olympic team. Since then, I am reminded of the frog being quietly boiled to death as the heat is slowly turned up.

  3. Chilli says:

    Agreed with your point that ‘gun-free’ military barracks are a bad idea, but in the case of the Lee Rigby murder, the terrorists crashed their car into him first, so having armed guards probably wouldn’t have saved him – but it sure would have prevented his murderers standing around his corpse for half-an-hour bragging about what they’d done before armed police arrived.

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