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Big Lie Needs Just A Few Big Liars

97% consensus Antarctica is the fastest warming place on earth Sandy was the biggest hurricane ever Colorado floods were 1,000 year event CO2 rise came before ice core temperature rise 20 metres of sea level rise on the way Unprecedented … Continue reading

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Planning Christmas Vacation

Climate scientists tell us that life can’t survive in warm climates, so millions of people who were planning on spending their winter holiday in Mexico are now booking a vacation in Winnipeg.

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US July Maximum Temperatures Getting Cooler As CO2 Has Increased

If CO2 controls the climate as 97% of all intelligent people believe, then 307 PPM would fry the US and 400 PPM will keep us cool. Index of /pub/data/ghcn/daily/hcn/ Climate scientists tell us that colder is better, so we must … Continue reading

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I’m Not Kidding, And Don’t Call Me Shirley

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Light At The End Of The Tunnel

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Day 666 : New Antarctic Theory

Scientists have recently theorized that warm air and water is causing Antarctic sea ice to expand. This makes sense if you have the IQ of a turnip, so I propose a different theory which makes slightly more sense. Today marks … Continue reading

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Obama Sets The Stage To Criminalize Breathing

If you’re pumping more than your legal limit of CO2 into the sky, well then, you sir, are a criminal. Report: Obama aims to ‘criminalize’ CO2 emissions | JunkScience.com

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