Guardian Back Up To Their Tricks

I posted this comment on the Guardian web site

Mankind has a long history of people who were absolutely convinced that survival depends on everyone else adopting their belief system.

Now it looks like this :

ScreenHunter_831 Sep. 22 12.13

Apparently their community standards prohibit anyone telling the truth.

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42 Responses to Guardian Back Up To Their Tricks

  1. Dave says:

    The New York Times also censored a comment I left for this article about some nutty artist with a “Does Capitalism work for you” thing in Times Square. My comment was polite but I advocated a pro-capitalist view pointing out how capitalism reduced worldwide poverty over the 20th century. Apparently this is too controversial for the Times. They also like to give the impression everyone is a liberal.

  2. DGP says:

    The Guardian of leftist groupthink. When you can’t win in honest debate of ideas, censor.

    • Jimbo says:

      If you want you comments to get through you must be subtle. I know because I have been banned over 10 times. Keep it short, point to the data and don’t get into slanging matches. The important point is that people get to read you points – you will never win or convert a true Warmist.

  3. John Edmondson says:

    You have to be careful over at the guardian when posting. The same thing happened to me for pointed out I was not the one “making ridiculous claims about the climate”. The problem is once it has gone you can’t post anything else on that thread.
    It appears that any amount of abuse, sarcasm etc is acceptable if you are posting “on message”

  4. Jon says:

    The behavior reminds of a brain of a lower grade school or kindergarten type, no matter if they are old outdated men at the Guardian. That is the infamous low development child brain concept that “if you don’t like my game, (which means you don’t like me), then I’ll take all my marbles home, and you can’t play! (huff and puff).

    In talking accidentally to people of the left, unexpectedly, I’ve found too often they are so emotionally viscerally invested with their small minded and failed “raison de terre”, that they nearly explode, are unable to process normal human relations and discussions, and often immediately physically withdraw, and sometimes immediately turn on their heels and walk off, quickly, at least so with older women. It is the lifestyle the leftist’s supporters and radicals, and democrats have chosen, of low skills, and information types, and we are currently stuck with them, and their grievous damage to life and society, and most of all, liberty, freedom, and progress.

    The school systems top to bottom, are guilty of producing these people, as they were calculatedly taken over by the leftists and radicals, over the decades, by plan.

  5. Are your comments being pre-moderated (like mine?)

  6. RAVerhoeckx says:

    The worth of a man is certain only if he is prepared to sacrifice his life for his convictions !

  7. hannuko says:

    “Mankind has a long history of people who were absolutely convinced that survival depends on everyone else adopting their belief system.” –– Steve Goddard, 2013

    I think that is actually a great quote.

  8. crosspatch says:

    The propaganda machine rolls on. It isn’t about reality, it is about the propaganda required to support a political agenda. The Guardian is the paper of a very authoritarian, micro-managing leftest agenda that would basically run everyone’s life down to the tiniest detail and if you get out of line and are vocally opposed to their agenda, the machinery of government is brought to bear to grind your bones to make their bread. They’re crazy.

  9. F.A.H. says:

    I believe this is an example of the process used to attain very high (e.g. 97%) “consensus” in support of the “consensus” view.

  10. Traitor In Chief says:

    First of all, it suggests you were noticed because of your name, so at least they know who you are…

  11. joekano76 says:

    I sympathise with the commenter having his thoughts excised; it happens to me frequently on the Grauniad, and I’m a self confessed ‘leftist group thinker’! So I have come to the conclusion that it’s not about ‘leftist group thinking’. If you’re still in the left-right paradigm, you’re behind the curve. Forget it, the opposition wants you to stay stuck in that kind of ‘group think’. It is about censorship of free thought. There are things about both communism and capitalism that are beneficial, but if you see and say that, you are disturbing the game they have rigged. When you realise that you have been playing their game, by their rules, then you can start to fight back.

  12. joekano76 says:

    …and now my comment here is awaiting moderation! Just sayin’…

  13. From what I see on the Weather Channel, this coming week is “Climate Change Week” or something–they have been touting it through the weekend, being very casual, like catastrophic “climate change” is here now, and obvious…no hint of any controversy or criticism of climate science (much less actual disproofs of the basic consensus science).

  14. Cam says:

    This does not surprise me in the slightest. One typically finds that with Left-leaning media organisations. They freely admit to appreciating someone having an opinion…….as long as though it’s the same as theirs. Here in Australia, its the ABC and The Age leading from the front on that aspect.

  15. tom0mason says:

    You’ve joined the club. There must be quite a few of us now.
    They’ve stopped me posting on the fearmongering blogs.

  16. ntesdorf says:

    Obviously the Grauniad believes that their own survival depends on everyone else adopting their belief system and censors anyone who doesn’t. Unfortunately their survival depends on a dwindling circulation caused by their own Marxist beliefs.

    • crosspatch says:

      I have come to the conclusion that leftists believe the propaganda value of misinforming the masses pays off in other areas. For example, you lose money on the newspaper but maybe you make much more on your alternative energy investments if your newspaper can convince people to check their brain at the door and buy in to having their purses picked by the government in order to hand the cash over to politically connected people involved in these schemes. BUT — if that sector begins to contract, the losses in the paper combined with the falling apart of their other investments that the paper was supposed to generate might be more than they can bear.

  17. Ross says:

    The Guardian has been in financial trouble for a long time. Apparently the Scott family that has backed it for decades has in recent years sold other assets to prop it up. It cannot go on forever unless someone else with more money than sense comes along.

  18. Don Allen says:

    Your comment was anti muslim. That is why is was deleted.

  19. Streetcred says:

    I think that we need to understand what they mean by “community standards”. It’s the standards of THEIR community, not the standards of the COMMUNITY at large. Left wing socialist community standards are more specifically attuned to censorship and dictatorship than are those of Western democratic COMMUNITY. So once you understand that, you’ll not be surprised that logical and responsible commentary is automatically excluded from their space … it doesn’t support their meme.

  20. Eric Simpson says:

    A couple days ago I was reading an AGW related article in the Guardian and I noticed a huge number of comments had been deleted for violating “community standards.” I could tell that they were simply skeptic comments that were being censored out. Here, a “guardian” of the free press leading the way in mass censorship. Pitiful.

  21. eco-geek says:

    I had my comment censored simply for agreeing with the IPCC! I simply pointed out that they were saying global warming had slowed for a number of years. Aparently the IPCC are far too skeptical to hold views acceptable to the Guardian?

    I have an idea: I will try:

    “I do not care what the IPCC say, polar bears are frying on the streets of Churchill!”

    Bet they like that.

  22. Old Goat says:

    Guardian? Who bothers to read that?

  23. Carbonicus says:

    Guardian Goebbels Brigade.

    Keep pointing this out every time it happens.

    And it isn’t just Guardian or in the UK.. Grist and other Eco-Leftist sites do EXACTLY the same thing, even when comments strictly adhere to their “comment policy”.

  24. Justa Joe says:

    “Ideas are far more powerful than guns. We don’t let our people have guns. Why should we let them have ideas?” – Progressive Joe Stalin

  25. Fred Z says:

    On one of my bannings from the lying swine at the Guardian I discovered that they had deleted all of my comments, including the soft spoken I – respectfully – disagree ones.

    Their note on my account was that I had ‘not yet commented’.

    Lying scum POS.

  26. Pat says:

    The Guardians censorship policy is quite extreme and is definitely political in nature. By political I mean they don’t just censor crank comments, they also censor views that contradict the columnist.
    I consider myself a reasonable person, well read, interested in many things. I love reading intelligent well made comments and endeavor to do the same myself. My comments are often well received which is very encouraging. So I’m not a troll or a bitter person with a gripe, I’m not a contrarian and nor do I hold extreme views. I thought the comment section of the Guardian was a great idea, free speech for the everyone, then I realized their idea of free speech is a trendy luxury for their columnists and apologists only, they don’t really believe my right to free speech(and everyone elses) is as important. They behave like fascists, in my opinion, which I think is quite ironic. I have had many respectful comments which I believe were well articulated and non personal moderated. I find this very extreme and hurtful. I created a new account but within a day was banned from commenting on any section. I realize now they actually track the IP address.

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