Obama Looking To Crush The Second Amendment Again

Obama’s Washington son shot up a  gun-free military base where all the soldiers were disarmed, the police were denied access, and the Navy was warned repeatedly that the guy was a dangerous nutcase, yet maintained his security clearance.

Meanwhile, Obama’s Chicago sons shot up a bunch of people using illegally owned and obtained weapons.

Obama’s solution : Make it harder for law abiding citizens to protect themselves.

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4 Responses to Obama Looking To Crush The Second Amendment Again

  1. Justa Joe says:

    If the administration is willing to illegaly export weapons to Mexico in order to take down the IInd amendmant who’s to say they not willing to break a few more eggs right here at home.

  2. Jason Calley says:

    Logic will not convince gun control nuts; if it would, then they would never have become gun control nuts iun the first place. Forget logic. Tackle their emotions. When a gun control nut says. “Give me one good reason why someone needs an assault weapon!” just respond: “I’ll give you six million dead bodies as a very convincing reason — at least unless you are one of those sick people who think the Holocaust was good idea. Seriously, do you think the Nazis could have herded six million defenseless Jews into the gas chambers if the Jews had possessed assault weapons? You’re not an anti-Semite, are you?”

    If they still don’t back down, tell them, “Well, I guess you think a little genocide now and then is worth it to make you feel safe, huh?”

    Never, never let them pretend to hold the moral or ethical high ground. YOU hold the ethical advantage. Remember, they support making you and yours defenseless against any evil.

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