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Guardian Back Up To Their Tricks

I posted this comment on the Guardian web site Mankind has a long history of people who were absolutely convinced that survival depends on everyone else adopting their belief system. Now it looks like this : Apparently their community standards … Continue reading

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My Memories Of The 1965-66 Floods

The 1965 flood was the most extensive flood in Colorado’s history, but I wasn’t living in Colorado at the time. I was in Los Alamos, New Mexico and the road washed out between Los Alamos and Santa Fe after weeks … Continue reading

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Latest From The New Mexico Permanent Drought

Just over a month ago, the LA Times told us that New Mexico’s ecosytems would never recover from the drought. Aug. 6, 2013 nowhere is it worse than in New Mexico. In this parched state, the question is no longer … Continue reading

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Summer Timeline

Obama decides to take down the Syrian government using Islamic freedom fighters Thousands of Islamic freedom fighters are mysteriously released escape from middle Eastern prisons. Obama sends guns and money to Islamic freedom fighters A huge outbreak of Islamic terrorism … Continue reading

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“Lloyd Marcus-American”

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Alarmists Arctic Nightmare Just Beginning

Everything is going wrong for the climate scamsters these days, but no place more than in the Arctic. COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut With most of the ice shifted into the western Arctic, there … Continue reading

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Obama Looking To Crush The Second Amendment Again

Obama’s Washington son shot up a  gun-free military base where all the soldiers were disarmed, the police were denied access, and the Navy was warned repeatedly that the guy was a dangerous nutcase, yet maintained his security clearance. Meanwhile, Obama’s … Continue reading

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