The Times They Are A Changing

Summer cyclone chewing up Canada’s Arctic sea ice

July 25, 2013

Back when the sea was thick and lasted for years, cyclones tended to spread the ice out and actually increase its extent, said Julienne Stroeve of the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colo. Now, when ice gets spread out, it simply breaks up and disappears.

“As our ice cover has thinned, some of our old rules are changing,” said Stroeve.

Looking at the graph below I am having a tough time locating the disappearing part.

Summer cyclone chewing up Canada’s Arctic sea ice | CTV News

ScreenHunter_825 Sep. 22 07.12

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

Never any follow up. They just move on to their next soon to be failed prediction.

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10 Responses to The Times They Are A Changing

  1. Latitude says:

    Arctic scientists are watching in awe this week as a raging summer cyclone tears up what could become a record amount of rotting northern sea ice

    a record amount of rotting stinking putrid sea ice……LOL

  2. EW3 says:

    “Now, when ice gets spread out, it simply breaks up and disappears.”

    How does it dissappear ? Does it sink ? Shades of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 😉

  3. stewart pid says:

    Re “Never any follow up” …. maybe they’re now too busy working on their resumes to write GLO-BULL warming nonsense 😉

    I wish!!!

  4. stewart pid says:

    Look at this massive cold out break in Russia … another sign of climate change!!

  5. Andy Oz says:

    Julienne Stroeve is still today saying “Computer models forecast that on current climate trends, the Arctic will eventually become ice-free in summer months.”
    There is a saying in finance – “The trend is your friend…..until the end”
    Psst: Julienne? The trend has well and truly ended.
    Your climate religion is now just like Lehman Brothers or LTCM.

    • Andy Oz says:

      Some nice charts in this BBC story. It looks to me like the “environmental journos” have finally twigged that the Climate Alarmists are like certain Catholic priests. They have been caught covering things up.

    • Marian says:

      The Computer model is the only acceptable trend for Alarmists. They can play their fantasy cyber world of Climate Doom to their heart’s content.

      That’s why it appears some of them seem to get quite upset when the real world data doesn’t do what their imagined cyber data says it’s going to do. Still they’re ever hopeful that it will. They will be hoping 2014 will be ice free and if not 2015 and so on. Got to keep up the cyber fantasy trend.

  6. gregole says:

    Yes…wasn’t that pesky Arctic ice suppose to just vanish quite suddenly? Hmmm. Now there’s “variability” and “trends” and “loaded dice” and, and, and…

    Give it up.

    Find real jobs.

    There must be some junior colleges hiring somewhere with your connections and all.

  7. GoneWithTheWind says:

    This is the classic propaganda technique of the left. A number of people, preferably with letters following their name, make claims and wild predictions. Then more people make predictions and claims based on the previous predictions and claims. The left wing media picks it up and publishes it widely which generates more claims and wild predictions all of course can now be well referenced back to people with letters following their names and finally politicians pass laws that restrict rights, raise taxes and redistributes money for votes and other favors. Who says politic s is boring?

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