NASA Scientist Presents Unequivocal Proof That He Doesn’t Know What He Is Talking About

Bill Patzert of NASA’sJet Propulsion Laboratory in La Cañada Flintridge, say sea level rise is “unequivocal proof” that greenhouse gases are continuing to heat the planet, and that much of this added heat is being absorbed by the oceans.

As ocean water warms, it expands and drives sea levels higher, Patzert said. Currently, oceans are rising at an average of more than 3 millimeters, or 0.12 of an inch, per year. This pace is significantly faster than the average rate over the last several thousand years, scientists say.

“There’s no doubt that in terms of global temperatures we’ve hit a little flat spot in the road here,” Patzert said. “But there’s been no slowdown whatsoever in sea level rise, so global warming is alive and well.”

Global warming ‘hiatus’ puts climate change scientists on the spot –

Complete bullshit. Tide gauges show no increase in the rate of sea level rise. The 3mm number comes from switching measurement systems to satellites, which have a huge error bar and are largely distorted by a 10+ mm/year anomaly north of Indonesia. Not to mention a completely bogus GIA adjustment.

ScreenHunter_847 Sep. 23 09.36

MSL_Map_MERGED_Global_IB_RWT_NoGIA_Adjust.png (842×490)

Sea level rise has been occurring for 20,000 years, in spite of the fact that much of that time the Earth was cooling.

ScreenHunter_848 Sep. 23 09.39

File:Post-Glacial Sea Level.png – Global Warming Art

Temperatures have been declining for the past 8,000 years, yet sea level has continued to rise.

ScreenHunter_849 Sep. 23 09.41

Long term climate study suggests record warming is ahead of us

All that rising sea level tells us is that we are in an inter-glacial. When sea level stops rising, we will be in an ice age. But no doubt scientists will still be making bold claims about things they don’t understand.

h/t to Marc Morano

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17 Responses to NASA Scientist Presents Unequivocal Proof That He Doesn’t Know What He Is Talking About

  1. I’ve got the sea level argument covered on my blog “Hill of Shizzle” blog

  2. Latitude says:

    a full 65% of tide gauges show no sea level rise at all…

    Click to access Tide%20gauge%20location.pdf

  3. RAVerhoeckx says:

    May I be so bold to para phrase a leading ideolgical political operative during the hayday of the NAZI area.
    Rudolph Diels – Gestopo head, viewed intimidation, threats, violence and even terror, were valuable tools for the containment and preservation of politcal and ideological power. Diels informed the values of the SS from his view point as a Inspector/General response for the suppression and disinformation to control the opposition, subversive tendencies and activities that these operatives spread ideological false hoods and terror, that as a “wholesome thing”
    Now does this scenerio sound familiar. .

    • Gamecock says:

      Government creates the need for security, then steps up and says, “We’ll take care of that for you.”

      Sounds the same as Depression Era protection racket. Hmmm . . . Chicago Connection?

      Similar to Jimmy Carter. Government creates shortage, and Jimmy steps up and says, “We’ll manage the shortage for you.”

  4. Billy Liar says:

    How long do you think the 10+mm/year can go on for? How high will the mountain of seawater north of Indonesia get? Will boats be able to surf to Hawaii from the top of it?

  5. gator69 says:

    “Satellites themselves have error bias. Satellite specifications claim a measurement accuracy of about one or two centimeters. How can scientists then measure an annual change of three millimeters, which is almost ten times smaller than the error in daily measurements? Measuring tools typically must have accuracy ten times better than the quantity to be measured, not ten times worse. Dr. Carl Wunsch of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology commented on the satellite data in 2007, “It remains possible that the database is insufficient to compute mean sea level trends with the accuracy necessary to discuss the impact of global warming—as disappointing as this conclusion may be.”

    Ghost hunters are blushing.

  6. Justa Joe says:

    There must be a bonus in it for whoever can explain away the lack of warming the best.

  7. BobW in NC says:

    If I’m reading Figure 2 (Post-glacial Sea Level Rise) correctly, a very crude estimate of the sea level rise over the past 8,000 years (or so) is ~ 5 M, or just slightly greater than 0.6 mm/year.

    I’m sure that that accurately measured increase will prove catastrophic as the IPCC and Climate Change Folks are predicting…/sarc

  8. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    Well if you want to know why NASA can’t replace the space shuttle and has to hitchhike rides with Russians to get to the Space Station, having a staff of clueless dumbwads like this idiot on the payroll goes a long way to understanding how far NASA has sunk into the outhouse center hole.

    I am sure he is channeling his inner Hansen and believes he should be rewarded for being so stupid in a public role.

  9. Don B says:

    The tidal gauge at The Battery, NY, shows no change in nearly 160 years; the sea was rising before mankind could have had an influence, and that rate has not changed since carbon dioxide emissions increased after WW II. The latest readings are below the long term trend.

  10. tom0mason says:

    And NOAA, in it’s report The Budget of Recent Global Sea Level Rise 2005–2012 (revised June 2012) says

    “Total sea level (Jason-1 and Jason-2) 1.6mm/year ± 0.8mm
    Determined with a least squares fit of a sine, cosine, trend, and constant over January 2005 to
    December 2011. The error bounds represent the 95% confidence interval obtained from the least squares fit.”

    Click to access NOAA_NESDIS_Sea_Level_Rise_Budget_Report_2012.pdf

  11. Don says:

    This is the garbage you run into —

    “Ice volume is the relevant metric. It’s at an all-time low, a fact completed ignored by the coolists.”

  12. This is an excellent point. I can steadily turn down the heat on my stove for a long period of time, but that doesn’t mean the water will immediately stop evaporating.

  13. Here’s the rub:

    Patzert said: “But there’s been no slowdown whatsoever in sea level rise, so global warming is alive and well.”

    Stevengoddard said: “Complete bullshit. Tide gauges show no increase in the rate of sea level rise.”

    Patert is talking about sea level rise. Stevengoddard is talking about the acceleration of sea level rise. Patert is hoping the credulous masses won’t know the difference.

  14. Last week I went on Michael Mann’s “False Climate” website and asked a simple question about sea level rise. His acolytes lied. I asked another simple question. His acolytes lied again. So I asked them what’s with the broken cue stick……why they mix data sets by grafting satellite data onto tide gauge data. They froze the discussion. I am soooooo proud to freeze the global warming hockey guy down with a broken cue stick!!!!


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