Rush : What Is The Republican Leadership Afraid Of?

Rush: Cruz ‘Freedom Fighter’ Fighting for ‘Soul of His Party’

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3 Responses to Rush : What Is The Republican Leadership Afraid Of?

  1. R. de Haan says:

    Cruz = Tea Party, Tea Party = threat for Republican Establishment

    However, I watched Cruz’s long speech in which he pulled the NAZI Card.

    All he had to say however is that the 3fold increase in Obamacare premiums is unacceptable and not according to the promise of Obama that he wouldn’t raise taxes.

    Just adding a number of examples and illustrating the impact on family income would have done the job most effectively.

    Now the opposition say’s he’s only out for contribution for the Tea Party.

    The fact that the Republican establishment doesn’t support Cruz if course is the big elephant in the room and it makes clear what has to be done before the next elections.

    First the Tea Party has to take control over the Republican Party, eliminating hacks like MacCain and co. As a next step they have to beat the Dems which will be easy this time.

    But most importantly thy have to come up with a Presidential candidate who isn’t parachuted down by the establishment. This is the only chance for real change.

    If not I advice any sane American to buy a sailing boat and go for a world trip while the entire house of cards collapses.

  2. scizzorbill says:

    Afraid of pissing off their bosses in the Democratic party.

  3. If he fighting against statism then the battle was lost a long time ago. Health care has been a very heavily regulated largely state or corporatist enterprise for a very long time.

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