UK Greens Hoping To Wreck The Economy, Freeze As Many Britons As Possible

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Miliband’s energy policy ‘economic vandalism’

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14 Responses to UK Greens Hoping To Wreck The Economy, Freeze As Many Britons As Possible

  1. Andy says:

    This is why nationalised industries don’t have this sort of problem

    “Neil Woodford, the head of equities at Invesco Perpetual and one of the UK’s most influential fund managers, said that Labour plans for a price cap on energy bills”

    Who’s more important, the home user still suffering the fallout from 2008 and the greed of the big financial institutions or , er, a fund manger, who just wants to to make money?

    If they did not have to pay share holders profits, then they could invest more in the infrastructure. And no need for capping in that case.

    Neil mate, if you don’t want to invest in that invest somewhere else, like Apple. It’s a free market pal.

    Now fuck off.

  2. saxon says:

    All is required is for the government to abandon the green futile policy ,this will put money back in peoples pockets and reduce fuel bills. Build new coal ,gas and nuclear ,save us from the COLD

  3. Stephen Richards says:

    Andy, eat your mars bar. (advert). The problems all stem from the last brit gov under blair and brown who passed the climate bill. The halfwit that Balls and Milipeed are don’t realise that you can’t freeze energy prices. Energy is an international product. The energy companies will pass back to goverment all the green charges that they currently collect for them and leave the labour gov in the brown (or milipeed).

  4. Don says:

    Coming to America.

  5. gator69 says:

    If it were a good business venture, it would not need government.

  6. Ed says:

    Milliband’s gonna blame everyone but himself – The CC Act was his baby. The Tories don’t give a toss about ordinary people. If Milliband and Labour are the only alternative, God help us!

  7. DECC themselves admit that their own (i.e. the Milibrain’s) climate change policies will add 33% to electricity bills by 2020.

    Does this mean Militwat will now propose repealing his Climate Change Act?

    Unfortunately there are too many thick people, who will swallow all this hook, line and sinker, and still vote for the idiot.

  8. Eric Simpson says:

    I don’t know what drives such undiluted idiocy in England, even most “conservatives” over there it seems are afflicted. It standard economics, reality tested time and time again, that price controls have a deleterious effect on an economy. But better to put price controls on Potatoes than energy, because there are Potato substitutes, but energy is the life blood and heart of society, and price controls will without question lead to shortages and rationing and blackouts. Combine price controls with the current green hysteria in Britain, and you have a recipe for an unparalleled future disaster.

  9. rw says:

    As Andy shows, these people will never learn; they will always repeat the same sophistries. So examples must be made; things need to be brought down to the Pavlovian-Skinnerian level. And the UK looks like a good candidate. If the “evil corporations” leave and all the lights go out, they will rail at first – louder than ever. But pretty soon they’ll respond to immediate contingencies – and begin to emerge from their self-induced stupor.

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