Western Arctic Sea Ice Is Back To “Normal”

Western Arctic sea ice coverage is higher than 1981, 1982, 1987, 1993, 1995 …….

ScreenHunter_945 Sep. 25 19.21

20130923180000_CVCHACTWA_0007283113.gif (1100×850)

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7 Responses to Western Arctic Sea Ice Is Back To “Normal”

  1. Latitude says:

    it’s stil only the wind…………………. 😉

    • stewart pid says:

      And it’s much worse than the obsessive-compulsive alarmists thought … oh yeah … Steven has once again forgotten that extent doesn’t matter since this ice is all thin and decayed slushy first year ice 😉 sarc
      I noticed that the last several days temps at Alert have been in the -20C range … not much melting there …. I wish Reggie and his rowers were caught out in that for a week!!

  2. Eric Simpson says:

    As we know from earlier posts here, Arctic ice growth is starting to take off, and Caleb reports that we may have an early Arctic snow storm to really get ice levels moving up quickly: http://sunriseswansong.wordpress.com/2013/09/24/sign-of-hard-winter-early-arctic-snows/

  3. goldminor says:

    This is a strong uptick for so early after the minimum. I bet the NWP will not be open next year.

    Antarctica sea ice is still at record range. It has yet to show a downturn. If it makes it into the first week of October will there be one more uptick prior to it,s downturn? It has a certain look about it.

  4. This is too early for a recovery. Expect a few more years of recovery and melting until around 2025 you’ll see a much colder north pole, and the antarctic will start to warm. For a full study of topsy turvy, go to http://www.hyzercreek.com/topsyturvy.htm

  5. Blade says:

    Good graph because it shows that all it takes is a couple of small blips to cause widespread panic among the climate retards.

    They have not progressed in the slightest since their ancestors were running in circles and sacrificing virgins during the dark ages when a comet was spotted in the sky.

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