Progression Of The Permanent Drought In Colorado

The weather station in Fort Collins has been continuously active and in the same location on the CSU campus since 1895. It shows no trend in precipitation since 1895.

ScreenHunter_1001 Sep. 27 09.05

Snowfall has increased, with this year being the snowiest January-September on record.

ScreenHunter_1002 Sep. 27 09.07

Climate experts from the University of Colorado tell us that skiing is doomed in Colorado .

December 16, 2008

DENVER — A study of two Rocky Mountain ski resorts says climate change will mean shorter seasons and less snow on lower slopes.

The study by two Colorado (Boulder) researchers says Aspen Mountain in Colorado and Park City in Utah will see dramatic changes even with a reduction in carbon emissions, which fuel climate change.

Study: Climate change may force skiers uphill | Aspen Daily News Online

Boulder is also having their snowiest year on record, having received almost nine feet of snow in the first half of the year.

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5 Responses to Progression Of The Permanent Drought In Colorado

  1. Latitude says:

    If precipitation is the same, and snow is increasing…
    ..wouldn’t that mean it’s getting colder??

  2. @NJSnowFan says:

    Nor they Hem off to way above mean snowfall this year.
    I feel The IPCC will be looking like fools in the very near future. data delayed 3 to 4 days

  3. @NJSnowFan says:

    Try again N Hem Snow data link

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